With John Houston and Amy D
Drive Time Mindbender
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08/19/15 Amy D., what is that in your bag? It doesn't belong there, but usually keep one on hand. A: Green tea bag.
08/18/15 Only 10% of us never do this when out & about. A: Take their spouse.
08/17/15 A study shows nearly 1/2 of women complained of stress & depression when this happened. A: Their husbands retired.
08/14/15 20% of Americans say these two words perfectly describe them..yes, they know it's shameful. A: Litter bug.
08/13/15 It's a great product and does what it promises to do. 1/2 of all households have a bottle of this. A: Murphy's Oil Soap.
08/12/15 One film company, while screening footage shot the day before, said they knew it was going to be a big hit from this one scene. A: The pottery scene from "Ghost".
08/11/15 24% of women would gladly get rid of this before anything else. A: Bunions.
08/10/15 Researchers say they can now prove having this can help you have more success in life. A: Shorter common first names.
08/07/15 These were popular at one time, but not so much anymore. It's all about what's to come. A: Hope chest.
08/06/15 It's a common sight here in the South, but 30% of us have never gotten used to these. A: Green tree frogs.
08/05/15 Just the sight of this makes 26% of Americans cringe. A: Camo.
08/04/15 4 in 10 couples say they did this at least once before getting married. A: Had a fight over wedding plans.
08/03/15 A majority of women have admitted they will cancel plans just so they can do this. A: Work out.
07/31/15 21% of us said we really enjoy doing this. It's very satisfying. A: Pick nose.