With John Houston and Amy D
Drive Time Mindbender
Weekday mornings around 7:30am
06/02/17 2% of Americans who do this, say-"I do it for enjoyment". A Truth.
06/01/17 They're popular with so many, but in the end-you'll only use 6% of these. A: Coupons
05/31/17 One in four drivers say they do this on the regular. A: Clip their nails while driving.
05/30/17 25% of us like to drive for this. A: Because they can yell, scream and no one cares.
05/29/17 It's a lovely tradition started by two women, in loving remembrance. A: Poppies for sale on Memorial Day.
05/26/17 Gotta relax...makes you forget and/or feel better. A: Take a long hot bath or shower.