With John Houston and Amy D
Drive Time Mindbender
Weekday mornings around 7:30am
05/16/17 In a survey, 22% of us say yes-I've done this. No shame! A: Bought something with our phone while on the toilet.
05/15/17 These can turn a fun day sour fast. They're annoying & painful. They lie in wait for our bare feet. A: Yard stickers.
05/12/17 Here, we are are the Peanut Capital. At least 4 towns in America claim to be the Capital of what food? A: Popcorn.
05/11/17 31% of older Americans said if I could go back & change one thing about myself, it would be this. A: Not lose temper.
05/10/17 What exists because people are lazy? A: Drive-thrus.
05/09/17 46% of us say I want this so bad! If I could, I would in a second. A: Remodel home.
05/08/17 These are important. Don't skimp on them, you'll need them and you'll need good ones. A: Windshield wipers.
05/05/17 30% of us say no to this. It's a go-to dish for parties. A: Pimento cheese.
05/04/17 These are everywhere! Which is just gross. It takes 5 years for them to decompose. A: Cigarette butts.
05/03/17 It was a fantastic help to us years ago. It was usually a service provided by a bank. A: Call for time & temp.
05/02/17 The average person is responsible for 14 lbs of this in their lifetime. A:Belly button lint.
05/01/17 Almost 1/2 of us have one. 30% say we won't talk about that! The rest say yeah! I embrace it! A: Nicknames.