With John Houston and Amy D
Drive Time Mindbender
Weekday mornings around 7:30am
03/22/17 In a recent poll, 27% of us said I just want to do this-it's a big deal to me. A: Learn to grow vegetables.
03/21/17 This household tip is efficient, cheap & environmentally friendly. They eliminate static & help dry better. A: Aluminum foil balls in dryer.
03/20/17 36% of people are guilty of this. It's an actual phobia. A: Fear of trying anything new.
03/17/17 25% of men say nthis is something I've always wanted to do. A: Be a train engineer.
03/14/17 30% of us are so bad at this. Life gets busy! A: Keeping the car serviced.
03/13/17 Over 1/4 of us say yes, we have these at home. Some also have them in the car. A: Comfy old worn-in shoes.
03/10/17 31% of women said I need one of these! I must have a new one for this year. A: A beach cart.
03/09/17 This one thing can improve your workplace & make a positive impact. A: Nametags.
03/08/17 21% of women in a survey said with extra funds, I'd buy this! A: Land.
03/07/17 1/4 of married women say I'm doing this-no judgement! A: Plan a solo vacation.
03/02/17 Most of us have these in our homes & at work. They're essential to most of us. A: Band Aids.
03/01/17 This one thing will get you waited on sooner in restaurants. A: Wearing red.