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08/19/15 Superpower...It's being able to lift anything, no matter how big or small. It's alot of power. A: Strength to be strong.
08/18/15 Superpower...It's being able to make it rain or snow, make the wind blow or the sun shine. A: Control the elements.
08/17/15 Superpower...It's being able to look at something & move it by thinking about it. A: Mind control.
08/14/15 What Did My Kid Just Text Me?...IDK. A: I don't know.
08/13/15 What Did My Kid Just Text Me?...TTYL. A: Talk to you later.
08/12/15 What Did My Kid Just Text Me?...4COL. A: For crying out loud.
08/11/15 What Did My Kid Just Text Me?...BRB. A: Be right back.
08/10/15 What Did My Kid Just Text Me?...4YI. A: For your information.
08/07/15 Back To School...These men & women change the lives of their students. We all have a favorite one. A: Teachers.
08/06/15 Back To School...When you go back to school you need these. A: New supplies.
08/05/15 Back To School...This weekend, Alabama will do it's part to save families money on school supplies. A: Tax-free weekend.
08/04/15 Back To School...This is one of the best things about school, and can last a lifetime. A: Friends.
08/03/15 Back To School...We look forward to sports in the new school year. We can't wait to do this. A: Watch Friday night football games.
07/31/15 D.I.Y....When kids build volcanos-solar systems & other things to get a better grade. A: School projects.