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05/16/17 When it's hot outside, we can come inside to chill thanks to this cool invention. A: Air conditioning.
05/15/17 This woman is our everything. She kissed our boo-boos, took care of us. We celebrated her yesterday. A: Our Mom.
05/12/17 When we were young, if you were about to be taken behind the shed, what would happen? A: Spanking.
05/11/17 It's what we use to cut our grass. We keep ours in the shed. A: Lawn mower.
05/10/17 These fight ants, roaches, wasps, fleas & ticks. A: Bug sprays.
05/09/17 Some Dads keep these in the shed so they'll be dry & safe. A: Tools.
05/08/17 In The Shed...We use this to climb up to tall spaces. A: Ladder.
05/05/17 What's It From?..."Fish are friends, not food." A: Finding Nemo.
05/04/17 What's It From?..."The cold never bothered me anyway." A: Frozen.
05/03/17 What's It From?..."You are a toy." A: Toy Story.
05/02/17 What's It From?..."All you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust". A: Peter Pan.
05/01/17 What's It From?..."Let's begin by taking a smallish nap or two". A: Winnie The Pooh.