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A Benefit Boston Butts and Ribs sale is set for Saturday, September 20th in
Wicksburg.. Southern Thunder Outdoors offers airboat tours and ways to
help persons with disabilities...and their families,  enjoy the outdoors. The
Benefit Boston Butts and Ribs sale will be Saturday September 20th, from
8 am till 4 pm at the Wicksburg intersection of Hwys 84 and 123.
Southern Thunder Outdoors will offer prizes like free airboat rides and
other prizes to anyone who buys Butts or Ribs... contact Baxter at 334 790 8432 or Jeff at 796 6430 for more information

The Coffee County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) in partnership with the Coffee County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is sponsoring the 3rd annual Emergency Preparedness Fair and Safety Saturday on September 6th at Johnny Henderson Park in Enterprise.
As part of the festivities, CC EMA and CC CERT are sponsoring a poster contest open to all children in grades 1-6 who live in Coffee County. The theme for this year is “Be Disaster Aware, Take Action to Prepare!,” focusing on taking simple, but potentially life-saving steps to enhance preparedness. Some of these include: 

  • Getting an emergency supply kit
  • Making a family emergency plan
  • Being informed about the different types of emergencies
  • Getting involved in you community’s preparedness efforts

Coffee County-area school-age children grades 1-6 are encouraged to participate in the contest sending their posters to the Coffee County EMA office to arrive no later than September 5thst,
                Coffee County EMA
                1065 E McKinnon Street
                8 County Complex
                New Brockton, AL 36351

All posters submitted by individuals and schools will be displayed at the Poster Contest Booth at the Preparedness Fair and one poster from each grade will be selected as the Coffee County Preparedness Poster of the Year. Prizes for those selected as Poster of the Year will be awarded at the Fair. All children selected to represent their grade from each school will receive a 1st place medal (sponsored by CERT and presented by the school) and all children who create a poster will receive a certificate from FEMA (presented by the school).

The following rules concerning the posters must be followed:

  • Posters can be NO LARGER than 11 x 14
  • Posters should be submitted on quality poster illustration board or heavy paper
  • Entries must use crayons, magic markers, or colored pencils only. Posters with stencils, computer-generated or traced letters or images, or commercial stick on letters or images will not be accepted.
  • Posters must have the following clearly printed or attached to the back:
    • Contestant’s name
    • Age
    • Grade Level
    • School name and address
    • Parent/guardian names, address, and telephone number

Updated information concerning the Poster Contest and/or the Preparedness Fair can be found on our website at http://coffeecountycert.com … direct questions to admin@coffeecountycert.com .

Swimming lessons save lives!  Dothan Leisure Services is announcing the fall lineup of classes at Westgate Indoor Pool. 
                Classes offered include Tiny Tots (19 months - 3 years), Little Tykes (4 - 5 years), Beginners, Advanced Beginners, and Adult Swimming Lessons (15 and older).  The cost of all swimming lessons classes for 5 years and under is $13.50, and the cost for all lessons for 6 years and older is $10. 

Parents get in the water with Tiny Tots (19 months – 3 years).  For Little Tykes (four and five year olds), parents do not get in the water, and there is one instructor for every five children.  For further information, please call Westgate at 334-615-3760.

Parents, please register your children, and remember…swimming lessons save lives!


          There are times in rescue when sick dogs are just coming from all directions.  The month of June and July, 2014, has certainly been one of these times.  By definition, rescue is “to free from confinement, danger, or evil;  save and/or deliver to safety”.

          On 8/5/14, Mary Scheffke, President of Chicago French Bulldog Rescue, made a Facebook post about two French bulldogs in Oklahoma that were extremely sick.  The owner had turned them in to the shelter or the shelter had taken them due their dire need for vetting care.  When the dogs were taken to their vet and both were diagnosed with anaplasmpsis and ehrlichiosis, they realized that they could not afford to get these dogs the vetting care that would be needed to save their lives.

          When I read the post, I called Mary Scheffke and she explained to me that Chicago French Bulldog Rescue has been totally inundated with Frenchie intakes.  CFBR just was not in a position to take these two (2) girls.  I offered to take them in to Boston Terrier/French Bulldog Rescue of Alabama if I could find a way to transport them from Oklahoma to Alabama.  To make a long story short, one of our volunteers said that she would make this trip to save these dogs.  There are very few people that will put their life on hold and make a 1,240 mile round trip in two days because of her love for all animals and their welfare.

          Both frenchies have lived their lives outside in the hot and cold Oklahoma weather.  As a result, they were covered with ticks and fleas.  The initial receiving shelter did get some vetting including the removal of the ticks and fleas.  Their vet also did testing, and that is when they were diagnosed with anaplasma and ehrlichiosis.  Both diseases are a result of ticks.  Both are an infection of the white blood cells very much like Lyme disease.  In addition, both have chronic dry eye that will required eye medication for the rest of their lives.  The shelter staff told me that both dogs were “at death's door” and if a rescue could not take them that they would not live.  

          Both girls are now back in Alabama and are at our veterinary hospital receiving IV fluids, doxycycline (stock bottle cost $1,200.00), vitamin B and possibly blood transfusions.  They will be evaluated for any neurological problems associated with these diseases once they are stable.  Our vet told me that these diseases are rarely seen in the South, but it does seem to be more prevalent in the Midwest.  

          These precious girls now have names.  The little pied frenchie is named Josette and the little brindle frenchie is named Chantal.  Once stable enough, Chantal will need to be spayed.  Josette had already been spayed at some point in her life.  Of course, they will also need vaccinations.  Boston Terrier/French Bulldog Rescue is not worried about these vetting needs at this time due to their fragile condition.  

          As our friend and supporter of animals in need, I am asking for your financial help.  These two frenchie girls deserve a chance to live.  They deserve a chance to know that there are SO many people that actually love and care for dogs.  You and I together can ensure that their health can be restored.  You and I together can ensure that they will have a chance to be loved, cared for and be the “apple of some family’s eye.”  They deserve to know what the inside of a home looks like and have a soft bed, clean surroundings, good food to eat and always have clean water.  In other words, they deserve a future.

          If you agree and can find it in your heart to financially help Boston Terrier/French Bulldog Rescue of Alabama turn this horrible situation in to one of hope, love and care, please see below how you can make a tax free financial donation.   With your help, there can be two healthier frenchie girls with eyes shining of gratitude and love. Thank You!

Donate at Bank

Also, you may drop your
tax-deductible donation off at:

Regions Bank (any branch office)
Account Name: Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama

you can mail a check to:

Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama
346 Willow Glen Drive
Alabaster, Alabama  35007

All donations go toward the care of the Bostons, as we have no paid staff but only dedicated volunteers who love the breed and want to help stop the abuse one dog at a time.

The American Red Cross is currently responding across multiple states. If you would like to help people affected by disasters like tornadoes, floods and other crises please make a donation to American Red Cross Disaster Relief. You can donate by:

Calling 1-800-REDCROSS OR www.redcross.org Texting REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation

Whether it's a natural disaster that affects thousands, or a home fire that affects a single family, the American Red Cross is there

Help Keep Alabama's Spay/Neuter Clinics Open.

In the last few years, the clinics have been under attack. Alabama House Bill 141 would protect the spay/neuter clinics and ensure they can keep providing vital services that improve the lives of cats and dogs.

Reach out to your State Representative today, and ask him or her to support HB 141!

Alabama has only four spay/neuter clinics that provide much-needed services including high-quality, low-cost spay and neuter procedures and basic care like vaccinations and deworming. The services are performed by licensed, experienced veterinarians who have the animals’ best interests in mind. Together, these clinics spay or neuter more than 10,000 cats and dogs each year.

In the last few years, a state board has unfairly—and for no good reason—tried to shut down Alabama's spay/neuter clinics. HB 141 would amend the law to make it clear that these important clinics have the right to stay open.

Take action today—urge your State Representative to vote for HB 141 to keep Alabama’s spay/neuter clinics open.



Martial Arts
for Salvation Army

Martial Arts for Salvation Army is Dothan Martial Arts’ fundraiser for the Dale County Salvation Army Family Store & Service Center. Dothan Martial Arts’ family and friends come together to have fun and raise money to support the Salvation Army as they help distribute food, rebuild homes caused by natural disasters, lead the addicted to rehabilitation, operate anti-human trafficking efforts and a wealth of children’s programs.
For every $10 raised, the participant must break 1 board. For example,. If a student raised $165, the student would have to break 16 boards on the day of the event. This teaches the students that it is not always easy when helping others that are less fortunate than they are, but it is very rewarding and fun.

Where does the money go?
The Salvation Army’s work is funded through kettle donations corporate contributions, and the sale of goods donated to their Salvation Army Family Stores. Dothan Martial Arts needs your help to raise community awareness of the challenges faced in the local area and to ask for the financial support needed to help change the trajectory of those crises.
This is a non-profit event for the Dothan Martial Arts Academy, and 100% of the funds raised in this event will go directly to the Dale County Salvation Army.

How can I get involved?
Step 1: Stop by our Dothan Martial Arts Academy located at 1451 Westgate Parkway, Dothan and register to get involved and receive an envelope!

Step 2: Set a challenging goal. Ask yourself the question “How much money can I raise?” “What would be a challenging goal for myself?”

Step 3: Get Sponsors. Ask friends, relatives, neighbors, and local businesses to sponsor you.

Step 4: Collect Donations. Any and all donations in cash or check are welcome. The checks should be made out to Salvation Army.

Step 5: Return the Sponsor Form Envelope along with ALL of the donations to Dothan Martial Arts Academy by October 3, 2014.

Event Information
When: October 4, 2014
Time: 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Where: Wiregrass Commons Mall Burlington Court

The Dothan Police Department’s Animal Services Division is proud to announce a new program about dog safety called “The Yellow Ribbon Leash Campaign”. This program, widely used around the Country in dog parks and public areas was designed as an awareness campaign to help protect our citizens against dog bites. What we are asking dog owners to do is to tie a yellow ribbon onto your dog’s leash, about half way up, if you want to alert others to the fact that people should not approach your dog, with or without their canine companions or their children. Other people should then give the dog’s owner time to get out of your way, thus preventing any unnecessary contact or possible bite. There are many reasons that the ribbons can be used, but here are a few important ones:

  • The dog is in training
  • The dog may be shy or protective of his owner and bite you because it doesn’t know you.
  • The dog may have been previously abused and is being rehabilitated. That means the dog may be afraid and may bite you as a natural reaction from past experiences.
  • The dog may just not like other dogs or doesn’t like being sniffed by other dogs.
The Animal Services Division will be handing out notices to the most widely used pet-friendly places for posting as a reminder to everyone. And most importantly of all…we ask that every parent teach your children what the yellow ribbon on a leash means! If you see that ribbon….WAIT!...give the dog owner a chance to get out of your way. And NEVER, EVER approach a dog that you don’t know without asking the owner first!

For more information, please contact the Dothan Animal Shelter, 334-615-4620

Social Security Launches New Expedited Disability
Process for Veterans
Fast-tracking Disability Decisions for Vets with 100% Permanent
and Total Rating
Carolyn W. Colvin, Acting Commissioner of Social Security, recently announced the launch of a new disability process to expedite disability claims filed by veterans with a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability compensation rating of 100% Permanent & Total (P&T).  Under the new process, Social Security will treat these veterans’ applications as high priority and issue expedited decisions, similar to the way the agency currently handles disability claims from Wounded Warriors.
“We have reached another milestone for those who have sacrificed so much for our country and this process ensures they will get the benefits they need quickly,” said Acting Commissioner Colvin.  “While we can never fully repay them for their sacrifices, we can be sure we provide them with the quality of service that they deserve.  This initiative is truly a lifeline for those who need it most."
“No one wants to put America’s veterans through a bureaucratic runaround,” said Maryland Congressman John Sarbanes, a leading proponent for increasing assistance to veterans. “As the baby boomer generation ages and more veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan need care, this common sense change will help reduce backlogs and cut through unnecessary red tape so that our most disabled veterans receive the benefits they’ve earned.”
In order to receive the expedited service, veterans must tell Social Security they have a VA disability compensation rating of 100% P&T and show proof of their disability rating with their VA Notification Letter.
The VA rating only expedites Social Security disability claims processing and does not guarantee an approval for Social Security disability benefits.  These veterans must still meet the strict eligibility requirements for a disability allowance.
For information about this service, please visit www.socialsecurity.gov/pgm/disability-pt.htm.
For more about Social Security’s handling of Wounded Warrior’s disability claims, please visit



A trust account has been setup for James Derek Edmondson who as been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer which has spread to is liver and lymph nodes. Any donations will be used to cover monthly living costs and to help take care of his 3 children. To make a donation please contact People's South Bank c/o James Derek Edmondson, P.O. Box 459, Columbia, AL 36319



Red Cross Blood Drives

To give blood, you must weigh at least 110 pounds; you must be at least 17 years old (16 with parental consent), and you must be in general good health. If you are sick and cannot donate, please recruit a friend or family member to give in your place.  All donors must have a photo ID or American Red Cross donor card.
If you plan on giving blood:

  • Double your fluid intake in the 48 hours leading up to the drive.
  • Eat a nutritious meal the night before, as well as the day of, the blood drive.
  • Eat iron-rich foods such as lean beef, broccoli, eggs, greens, shrimp or dried beans.
  • Consume foods rich in Vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, cabbage, tomatoes and sweet potatoes.
  • Get a good night’s sleep before the drive.

The American Red Cross Blood Services, Alabama and Central Gulf Coast Region, which supplies blood to approximately 100 hospitals, needs 600 blood donors each day to meet the needs of patients in the region.  Please call 1-800-RED-CROSS or visit www.redcrossblood.org to make an appointment to donate blood or platelets.
The need is constant.  The gratification is instant.  Give blood.

Wiregrass Hope Group is celebrating 30 years of serving the Wiregrass area! From the humble beginnings as a Crisis Pregnancy Center in a small downtown office, we have expanded into a Family Resource Center located at 171 Westgate Parkway. Even though our center has grown to meet the needs of the area, our ‘back bone’ is still our pregnancy center, better known as Women’s Hope Center. Women’s Hope Center provides pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and parenting classes at no cost to our clients. Our Fatherhood Program empowers guys to be better fathers through mentoring and special ‘Dad only’ events. We offer Marriage and Pre-Marriage classes and mentoring, as well as, women’s counseling. Our Character and Relationship Education Program speaks to teenagers in the Wiregrass Area seeking to instill in them, that their choices of today, affect their future. For more information about our services or to get involved in our 30th Celebration, contact Sharon at 334.793.5433 or visit our website at www.wiregrasshopegroup.com or like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WiregrassHopeGroup.

Have Fun, Make New Friends, Change Your World,
Be a Girl Scout Today
What do you want your next adventure to be? Whether it’s kayaking, riding horses, performing theatre, creating out of this world science experiments, or camping out in the woods, Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama wants YOU! Girls between the ages of 5-17 and adult volunteers are invited to become Girl Scouts to have fun, make new friends, and change the world.
Girl Scouts offers young women the opportunity to build lasting leadership skills and friendships in a fun, educational environment.  Each year, Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama serves over 9,000 girls and more than 3,000 adult volunteers through programs and events designed to accomplish its mission of building girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. STEM programs keep girls interested in science, technology, engineering and math curriculums, while girl-led programming provides an environment for them to take leadership roles.
While joining a troop is the most common option for participation, there are other ways for girls to become and participate as a Girl Scout. Individual girls may join as a Juliette, which provides more flexibility for girls and parents with active schedules.  While allowing them to take part in the many activities provided by GSSA including camp, STEM programs, trips, product sales and more they can work toward earning badges and other goal-oriented programming at their own pace. 
Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama is also looking for key volunteers to make each girl’s adventure a time she will never forget. Each year, many girls looking forward to meeting new friends, learning about STEM programs, and growing their leadership skills, miss out on those opportunities due to a lack of adult volunteers. Whether someone has a little or a lot of time to give, every attempt is made to meet the availability and interests of the volunteer with commitments ranging from one or two events a year to more long-term opportunities.
To find your next adventure in Girl Scouts, visit www.girlscoutssa.org/NewMemberEvent or call 1-800-239-6636.

The S.O.S. Animal Shelter in Enterprise needs your help...

The Shelter is always in need of volunteers to help walk and wash dogs, play with and socialize all of the animals and, of course, do all of the down-and-dirty chores that come with caring for the animals. Volunteers at the Shelter must be at least 14 years old or supervised by a parent, and must be able to follow rules and guidance given by the manager. The Shelter is happy to be recognized by the Enterprise High School National Honor Society as an organization for which members may receive all of their required community service hours this year. To arrange to volunteer at the Shelter, call 334-393-1743 from 9a-5p Monday-Saturday or 8a-4p on Sunday.

"Like" Us On Facebook for updates!

Wish list: Pine Sol, bleach, hand soap, HE laundry detergent, scoopable cat litter, disposable gloves, 13 gallon trash bags, towels & blankets, welded wire kennels (10'x6'), combo printer/scanner/fax machine, wall mounted cabinets.

Today, nearly half our nation’s fighting forces are members of the Guard and Reserve. When they are called to active duty, they leave behind a family, a community, and a job. Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, a Department of Defense agency, honors and protects the bond between service members and their civilian employers. Whether serving our country or supporting those who do, we all serve. To learn more about ESGR, call 1-800-336-4590, or visit www.esgr.mil.
Alabama Voters for Responsible Animal Legislation
Dear AVRAL members, in an effort to build membership in our organization, we're taking several different approaches. The most effective and most persuasive form of marketing is word-of-mouth, or in this case, you sending emails to everyone you know, inviting them to join AVRAL. We have run-off elections coming up on Oct. 9, some of these elections are decided by a mere 100 or so votes, so it's critical to build membership. If you to DO NOTHING ELSE as an AVRAL member, please do this. Send the letter below to everyone you can think of-feel free to modify if you like.

(Text of Email to copy, paste and forward)

Hello! You are receiving this email because I believe you are someone who can help us improve the lives of Alabama's companion animals. If you are tired of the way Alabama's animals are treated--- the starving, the cruelty, the overpopulation, the dogs wandering the roadways, the cats gathering around dumpsters to find food, JOIN AVRAL. AVRAL stands for Alabama Voters for Responsible Animal Legislation. We are a nonpartisan political action committee consisting of everyday Alabama citizens who exercise political power by forming voting blocs. Your vote is your power. We will let you know which candidates are animal-friendly and which are not. We'll let you know their voting record on animal cruelty issues. We'll post questionnaires they've completed for your review. You live in a voting district, and we will invite as many people as possible in your district to join the voting bloc. The more people in the bloc, the more powerful you are. This is the only way to send a message to Montgomery: we will no longer tolerate the inhumane, uncaring treatment of animals in this state. And while a legislator may not agree with our position, if they want to get elected/remain in office, they need to know we have sufficient membership to vote them in or send them home. How much does it cost you to join? NOTHING. There are no dues, no fees. All we ask is that you send this email to EVERYONE YOU KNOW who loves animals. Help us build membership in each of Alabama's 67 counties. That's the first step. Help us end the suffering. Please visit our website http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001PAxYsGB1MKYzfuwBi47nVTJQgSMw9_WoHT0lUeUHM6gvKEsIe4lzwhoAq5qt32jcdJbnn677GcAvvqvG_MpL2tGTajNjz1cqrw9N6zW5kalRGTueYZRjdJRaFUbjnN7 to read about our key issues and to join us. I hope you will join us,
Dr. Rhonda Parker
State Chair, AVRAL

I have a 501c, that I established 2 years ago. The name is Opp Paws and Claws. I have had many animals left at my veterinary hospital over the years. Rather than euthanize them, I place them. I can no longer house this many animals. I need help placing primarily cats, kittens, and bulldogs. All of these animals have had basic to advance health care, at my expense. I have not been able to find funding to continue or do more.

Currently, all animals housed at the clinic are seeking homes. I do screen applicants. I require that people have a current veterinarian and an acceptable enclosure for dogs. For cats we ask them to be inside or a protected area. There are nominal adoption fees that go to the 501c. All these animals can be viewed on the petfinder website under opp paws and claws.

Please call for information (334) 493-6687

I would like to continue to help abandoned animals but must have foster homes for those I help. If they could be placed in a permanent home that would be best. Thank you for your help! Faith Drumheller, DVM.


Think about two seconds - it's not very long. It takes longer than that to open and close a car door, send a quick text message or hug a child before tucking her into bed. But that tiny increment of time is an important measure. Every two seconds somebody in the United States needs blood. While we are at work and all through the night, that need never sleeps.
Fortunately a small group of citizens here in South Alabama helps to make sure that blood is there for cancer patients, trauma victims, newborn babies and all those who need it. LifeSouth and all blood centers offer a special thank you to all who donate.

LifeSouth Community Blood Centers, Inc.
Wiregrass Region/3833 Ross Clark Circle

Donor Center is open 7 days per week for your convenience. Please call 334-792-9977

Hours: Sun: 1pm-5pm, Mon & Tues from 9am-7pm, Wed-Thurs-Friday from 9am-5pm, Saturday 10am-3pm


All Negative Blood Types are needed at this time. Especially O- and AB-