06/15/17 Afmaily in Enterprise needs your help in finding their family pet, a female Husky...She went missing at approximately 10pm on Wednesday, June 14th in the Rucker Blvd Elementary area. She is black and white with all white eyes. She is wearing a pink and blue collar with 2 rabies tags. She was last seen with a small brown dog. There is a $100 reward for her safe return. If you have seen this Husky, please call 229-886-3169.
06/12/17 Please help me find my lost puppy. He is a pit bull bully approximately 5 months old. He's black with white tips on his paws and nose as seen in the photo. He was last seen on the south side of Dothan, near South Park and Woods Drive. There will be a reward if he is returned. Thank you so much for your help, Whitney. If you have any information please contact me at 334-618-8645
05/30/17 Chihuahua answers to Scarlett-Old female, reddish tan, no collar, lost in the vicinity of 3rd Avenue and Coe Dairy Road. If seen, please call Nicole at 467-5893 No image
05/23/17 Murphy has been missing since 6p. on Monday, 5/22. Lives on Brookside Dr., near Westgate Pkwy. No collar. Please call 797-8436 if seen or found. Reward offered.
04/25/17 LOST BOXER and CHIHUAHUA. If you have seen these two dogs please contact us at (334)714-9159. Vela is a white boxer. Jorah is a brown, long haired chihuahua. They have been missing for a few days and were last seen together on Briarcliff Rd near Westgate. We are so worried and heartbroken, please contact us with any information and help our family become whole again.
04/21/17 This is Princess. She is a Shih Tzu went missing 4/20 from Madison Square apartments near the tennis courts out by Westgate park. She's 13 years old, takes medication every day. She has cataracts. No collar, very friendly. Please if you have seen her please call 334-494-5547
04/18/17 If anyone has seen our sweet dachsund, Annie, please call me! 334-300-8482 or 334-897-6780. She is a brown dachsund with a gray face. We are heart-broken! She was last seen Saturday night, April 16 on Sequoyah. She is 15 years old, very scared of anyone she does not know, and cannot hear well. Please help us find her.
04/18/17 Missing on 4/17 in the Laver HIlls area off of Fortner in Dothan. "Oreo" was wearing a gray flea collar, no tags. Please call 596-4259 if seen or found.
04/14/17 Henry is a very friendly long haired altered black cat with gold eyes, no collar. He went missing two weeks ago in the Grimes area near the Dothan airport off of Green rd and Harrison rd. If you have any info please call Lynda Salisbury 334-702-6454.
04/06/17 Lost Dog - Last Seen Monday, April 3rd at 1231 Carpenter Road, Newton (Wicksburg), Alabama
Her Name is Geraldine and if you have seen her or know where she is please contact Marty or Janie Kush at 334-692-5431. We miss her very much!
04/05/17 She got out during the storms (April 3). She lives on 424 Morgan Ln. In Ozark, Al.  She is not chipped, but she does have a collar on with her name and my number on it. However, It has their old address on it. Her name is Angel. Darlene Reynolds 334-379-6881



Name of Dog: Missy
Age: 7
Sex: female
Breed: 11 pound mixed terrier
Color of dog: Black with some brown
Collar: wearing pink and attached to her was a pink harness
Tags and Microchip attached to her
Date missing: March 30, 2017
Missy ran away from an automobile accident on Interstate 10, mile marker 135 in Marianna, FL. Owner said Missy ran east.
Contact information: Courtney 651-587-0200

03/19/17 Missing since Friday March 17. She answers to Cuddles and meows. Very friendly and lovable. She is a very important  member of our family and we desperately  need her back. 
We offer a $50 reward.  
Please call Shannon at 812-599-9966 or Amber at 812-548-8183 with any information.  
03/16/17 Lost March 11 from Cowarts/Avon area of Bluff Springs Rd.  Male Chihuahua/Dachshund mix, fawn color. Bo was wearing a blue collar with a black leash attached. Please call Ronald or Judie @ 334-899-7670. He is very shy.
03/16/17 Sophie was lost 3/15/17 in the area of Beverly Crossroads Apts behind McDonalds.  She was last spotted 3/16 by Screen Tech on Kelly St.  She is 8.5 pounds, wearing a blue collar with a blue rabies tag from Cottonwood Animal Clinic.  She has natural stand up ears, and a cute little stub of a tail. She is scared to death and will probably run from you.  Contact numbers are 334-691-2854 home, and 334-701-2854 cell.  Owner’s name is Sherri Mercer, (husband is Mike)  Thanks for any help you can give!!

On Saturday March 4, 2017 it is believed that a cruel heartless neighbor(s) took my dear friends

cat and dropped her off somewhere hoping she wouldn’t be found.

MAGGIE is a gray and black striped tabby cat with green eyes and a super fluffy tail.

She is approximately 11 months old. She did not have a collar/tag.

She was taken from Fieldcrest Apartments on Trillium Circle (near Southside Wal-Mart).

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be on the lookout for Maggie.

If you happen to see her, please call or text: Shelaine 334-350-0146

03/03/17 Please help me find my furbaby. Sarge is a small curly haired black dog he went missing in Cottonwood area. He never wanders off and its getting cold his mommy is very worried about him. Please let me know if you hear anything 334-333-5089. Thank You! Jessi 



We need him back his brother won't eat or stop crying and looking for him. PLEASE CALL

1-888-HOMEAGAIN, 1-888-466-3242.

02/25/17 11 yr old Bichon Frise named Baxter last seen at 3 Waldorf Place near Fortner Street. Very loving dog!!Please call Cassie Blackmon 678-520-3190.
01/27/17 Last Sat my 2 dogs run away because of the storm. One is a 8mo. old male bully brown with a white star patch on chest. Goes by  Lil Tate. The other is a female brown Pitt with an orange collar and goes by the name Brownie.They are from the Louisville-Clio area. There is a reward for safe return. Please contact me at 334-397-4127. If no answer please leave a message.
01/18/17 Arya was lost in downtown Dothan, around the civic center, a few months back and I am still trying to find her. She is a chihuahua/jack russell mix and she's tan and white. She answers to Arya and Tootie. She didn't have her collar on or tag. Offering $250 reward.  Contact info: Jade McCorkle 229-308-0822
01/15/17 Please be on the lookout for Mittens...a black & white tuxedo cat w/white feet. Very shy. Got away near the Wiregrass spay/neuter alliance on S. Foster St. in Dothan. Please call Judy if seen or found. (334)282-9276  

We have a Chocolate Lab missing since 1-13-17 on Hwy 134 East in Daleville. Answers to Pooh Bear. 


01/02/17 Our female German Shepherd has been missing since last Wednesday night! She was last seen at home on County Road 26 in Headland near the Tumbleton area! Her name is Sadie, she had on a pink camouflage collar! If seen please contact Lindsey Harper at 334-701-5381