Missing this morning in Ozark off Andrews avenue ! Friendly unaltered male, no collar , scared of storms ! Please share & contact Krystal Todd if found . The dogs name is barefoot. 334 237 8372




Small long haired Dachshund/Cocker mix missing in Lovetown. His name is teddy and he is a sweet little guy about 3.5 years old..he got out 2 mornings ago in the Cottonwood / Ashford area in Lovetown. He does have a teal blue/green collar on with a 2017 blue rabbies tag on it! He isn’t very big. He is brown and black..looks like a long haired dachshund mixed with Cocker Spaniel and we are missing him and worried please help us find our little guy!! Amber 334-596-1727. He has got out a few times before but has never been gone this long!


10/8/18 English Shepard missing in Northside neighborhood by the mall. Hi, my name is Sarah-Ann McGilvray This sweet girl has gone missing. We went out to feed them last night (10/7/18) and she would not come to us. Looked everywhere around the yard and around the neighborhood, but no sign of her. She is an English Shepard and answers to the name of “Frannie”, and does not have a collar on right now. She is 8 years old and is very sweet and precious to our home! We live in Northside neighborhood by the mall, so that is the general location that she would’ve been seen at. We hope to be able to bring her home soon! Please call me at 334-796-5524 if you have seen her or know any information! You can also call Neal McGilvray, my dad, at 334-714-2782. Thank you!


Brown Male mixed dog missing in SE Dothan near Medical Center: This brown Male mixed dog named “Luckie” is missing in SE Dothan near Medical Center. He was reported lost on 9/30/18 is wearing a red collar and has a neuter tattoo on his belly. If you see him or find him please call Bonnie at 798-5797


09/28/18 MISSING in Lovetown: His name is teddy and he is a sweet little guy about 3.5 years old..he got out 2 mornings ago in the Cottonwood / Ashford area in Lovetown. He does have a teal blue/green collar on with a 2017 blue rabbies tag on it! He isn't very big. He is brown and black..looks like a long haired dachshund mixed with Cocker Spaniel and we are missing him and worried please help us find our little guy!! Amber 334-596-1727. He has got out a few times before but has never been gone this long!
09/04/18 $500 Reward Offered for Missing Dog in Cowarts Scrappy. 11 year old female dog. Black with brown markings. She has short, fluffy legs and very fluffy ears. About 40 pounds. She is missing from Cowarts behind Efurds. Please help us. Sheila Hall. 334-791-1936.


Lost cat named Chance. He is about 4 years old male cat. Very sweet and will go to anyone. He was lost on 285 County Rd 707 Enterprise AL 36330 (Right behind the SOS Animal Shelter) in Enterprise. Contact Derrick at WOOF Radio at 334-792-1149


8/23/18 Missing cat in Dothan: Murphy Mill Rd. and Brookside Dr. area. May be hurt Has a cut out on top of one ear. Please contact: Todd at 334.796.3632 Her official name is Grey but we call here Kitty. She has no collar.


LOST manx cat. Got out from the house across from Police Memorial soccer field off Ben Street and Andrews Ave (Ozark). Please call if spotted or captured. 334-477-3881 or 334-477-3832




MISSING: In Slocomb on South Co Rd 9 (closet to FL line) Sweet female bull dog named : Miah. She is very friendly and playful with a pink collar. If you spot her or find her call Danielle at 334-648-9707




Missing from Slocomb, Al County Rd 16 near Co. Rd 9. He went missing 8/3 unsure if he escaped the fence or if someone picked him up. His name is Mr. Bojangles. He is a red and white Boston Terrier male not fixed. He is missed dearly please contact his mother Lisa Beck at 334-360-2342.




Lost large male yellow/white cat weighs about 12lbs near Greystone subdivision off Fortner St. outside circle. Answer to Regal has collar with vet & owner information. Contact Tim 334-792-3349








Missing 2 yr old gray & white cat lost on Baker Trace in the garden district in Dothan. Answers to Molly. She’s very skittish & has always been an inside cat. Reward offered for her safe return. Please contact Becky at 334-479-6115.




He had to have ran out the house during a medical emergency friday evening. I was out of town. His name is Tiger he does not currently have his collar on. It would have been in the south park ave/valley forge rd area. He is very skiddish and usually will run away from people if found please contact 334-791-9178 or 334-547-1390 or 334-791-2328.



UPDATE!!! 7/12/18 >> This little cutie was found ... in North Carolina! She's now home thanks to the WOOF FM Pet Pages!



LOST CAT: Galaxy is a few months old, and was last seen in the area of Prevatt Rd closest to Ross Clark Circle. She has all her shots and is wearing a pink collar, no tag. She is black and white with a "mustache" looking face. She is pretty friendly to most people.

If you have seen Galaxy, please call Kimmie at 334-444-7688


06/18/18 Recently my friend that lives in Dothan had a medical emergency. When EMS arrived the Shasia ran off in the Sumter Street Dothan Alabama 36301 near rip hewes Stadium area. The owner is recovering but can't find his dog could you please help. Contact. Bert 229-869-8619
06/12/18 LOST (Stolen) A small, 5yr old Shih Tzu / Chihuahua mix was taken from a vehicle parked at the Medical Center in December of 2017. "Little Buddy" is a family pet to an elderly couple, where the wife has been in the hospital for 12-weeks. If you saw any thing or know who has Little Buddy, call John 850-326-1131. A $500 reward is offered.
05/16/18 Our female cat, SAVVY, cat has been missing since Friday, 5.11.18, and we miss her terribly. We live in Dothan's Garden District. She has been spayed and her rabies tag is from South Park Veterinary Clinic. (We have a pet door so she's an inside/outside cat but has always been home every single day for us to feed her until Friday evening. She wears her collar/tags every day also. It has never been a problem or irritation for her.) Thank you so much for your time and assistance! Sincerely, Angie Sherrill swamsherrill@aol.com 334.701.8499



Dixie is a red nose pitbull, white with brown spots and She is old. It was very weird for her to run away since She has never done that before.. She ran away in the middle of April and we haven't heard or seen anything since. She also ran from around 231 South in between the flea market and peanut festival area since I live on Iris road, but She could be anywhere. She didnt have a tag on and she's been spayed! We've looked everywhere and all around our house every day and we've seen nothing since the day she left. Please please if you have our baby call me and i will happily come get her and give whoever has her reward money for giving her back. PLEASE she is our family.. I just need to get her back home to my family...we've been attached to her for 10 years.. please help us find Dixie! Call Maddie at 334-798-0564




Female yorkie 8 years old & fixed. Lost 3/27/2018 between Ridgecrest Baptist Church and backside of Dothan country club. Please call 334-793-4307 or 334-796-6655




Lost: 12 year old greyish, male Schnauzer, 15 pounds, no collar, has chip, lost in the Jamestown/West Montgomery Highway area. Please call Jean Smith at 334-701-9020


02/08/18 Lost: Long hair, Black and White, Chihuahua, female, near Kelly Springs-no collar. Call 618-6945  
12/21/17 A darker color Golden Retriever names "Rebel" has gone missing on Laurel St, near Dothan Country Club (Woodland and the Houston Heights area.) Has chip, collar with Vets info and rabies tag. Very Friendly and answers to his name. Call Dothan Animal Hospital 334-793-9779 or Owner: Brandy Harper 228-861-9528


LOST Jack Russell Mix named Phoebe. White, nearly blind and deaf. Missing from billy Snell road...Brandy 334-701-9788 or 701-9788


11/24/17 Our family dog has gone missing. He is a red nose pit named Duke. He's about 8 years old and fixed. Does have some scars. Below is a picture. Please contact me at 334-200-5017 or Andrew Larsen at 334-350-4392. Missing in the grimes/Napier field area.
11/20/17 I have been searching for my missing German Shepard Ebba since November 8th. She was last seen in the Jack Community. She is tan and black, spayed, no collar, but she does have a microchip. She is shy but sweet. Please contact JoBeth Workman if you see her or have any information. Phone number is 3344709465.
11/16/17 LOST: "Scout" an older male Shih Tzu took off running because he hear gun shots and has been missing for more than 2-days. Owner lives 2.5-miles from off of Hwy 52 on North Co rd 49. Owner uses a motorized chair and is unable to look for his pet own his own. Scout the dog is his very close companion and we need to locate him ASAP. $100 reward for the safe return. Dogs name is Scout Scout has tags and a collar and is micro chipped. Call Betty Jo at Rainbow Kennels if you have or have seen Scout 334-793-3264 or Duane at 334-793-9016  
11/04/17 CoCo- Black Female Lab with Gray Face 16 Years old, Blind and Deaf!!! Red Collar w/ South Park Vet Rabies Tag Last Seen 10/28 near Sunrise Drive, Creekside Dr and Fortner Street Please Call Sidney: 334-333-5495 or 334-677-9750
11/04/17 Lost: Male Blue Heeler mix, white, black spots, and female small lonhair Dachund mix, a little white under neck in the 3rd Avenue/Aberdeen area of Dothan. Contact Lindsay at 334-648-0165  
11/03/17 Lost female 16 year old Labrador retriever deaf & blind. Lost in beaver creek area lost in dense underbrush. Plea for hunters to help look.. $300 reward if she can be found. Call Sidney 333-5495  
10/31/17 My boy wandered off on Wednesday 10/25 in the Arguta area between Ariton and Skipperville. He is 8 months old, not neutered, reddish brown in color with a large white stripe on his chest and two white toes on each back foot. He's very friendly and loves people but tends to be kind of scared of other dogs. He was let out at 6:30am wearing a blue collar with an Andrews Ave rabies tag on it. There is a $200 reward for whoever returns my Buddy boy safe to me. Call 941-725-4029
10/27/17 LOST: Sebastian is a 10-month old German Shepard lost in Skipperville off Mary McClendon rd (about 5mile from GW Long High School. Does not have a collar, ran after getting a bath. Call Tracy at 334-733-1406
10/26/17 LOST DOG FAMILY PET REWARD$ 500 Please help 3 Broken-hearted little girls get their baby home she's been last seen at southside Walmart and dothan Alabama on 10/ 18/17 ....She's a one and a 1/2 year old - dachshund shes a reddish Brown short hair Please help bring her home you can contact me at 3346550603 ask for Danielle
10/02/17 We are missing Ellie, my daughter's black tri-toy Australian Shepherd from our house on County Road 4 in Black. She weighs 10 pounds, only has one eye, has short hair and white front legs. If found, please contact Twin Rivers Veterminary Clinic at 334-684-0705.
09/29/17 Black and white female cat, last seen around Dale County Road 445 about one mile north of Collins Small Engines. No collar, no chip has smll patch of fur missing on left front paw due to snake bite. Reward offered. If seen, please call 334-477-4380
09/13/17 Went missing from Henry Mouring Road, near the intersection of hwy 52 and Brannon Stand Road. Lab/Chow mix, not neutered, 85-90 lbs, blackish brown color, last seen wearing a black collar with no tags. Contact info: Kathryn 334-718-5588
09/12/17 A year old tan and white Siberian Husky about 80 pounds. Missing the morning of Sept 07th. If you have seen him, please call 718-6523 or 450-7422. His name is Max and he is missing from Dunleith Subdivision. He has no collar on. It was too small and he got out before the new one was put on. He has been spotted on Brannon Stand, but we can't find him. His family is heartbroken. Please share this so we can get Max home. Thanks so much!!
09/08/17 My 10 year old Boston Terrier escaped from my back yard this morning. She is black and white and only has one eye. She has never been away from us this long and we are desperate to find her. Last seen at the Chevron in Cottonwood. Any info please call Judy at 334 691 0477 or 334 803 1247. THANKS  


Missing: Two female beagles in the vacinity of Fortner Street Extension, one mile from Brannon Stand Road, one flea collar, one regular collar. If seen, please call Cindy at 618-9107



Lost in the Saunders Rd/3rd Ave area of Dothan. She is a redbone coonhound and has a chip. Reward offered for her safe return. Please contact Carol Andrews at 334-618-2695.


Lost near Raceway on East Side near Bojangles, black and white Border Collie, no collar. His name is Zazoo. If seen, please call Bob at 334-701-3880.


Lost on August 23rd at the Trawick Road/Brannon Stand Road intersection in Dothan (2638 Trawick Road)…a 10 year old over weight dapple (that’s a black and gray mix) dachsund. He was staying with relatives while his owner was in the hospital and he went missing. His name is Oscar. He is a very loved family member. If you have any information please call Laura Salmon at 648-6566.

08/22/17 Please spread the word! Lola was last seen on August 18, 2017 in Chancellor, AL 36316 near Near Buck Vaughn Road, Chancellor, AL Message from Owner: We are missing our Lola so much. She is a BIG part of our family and my two year old sons bestfriend, he keeps asking where Lola is. Please help me find our baby! Description: Has a pink collar on. Has yorkie colors. Contact number is 334-464-0535  


Missing in the Freeman Courthouse District in Blakely, a black and white male Boston Terrier. No collar. If seen, please call Ann at 229-308-0532


Lost in the Chaplewood subdivision in Dothan, 2 female Golden Retrievers named Daisy and Peaches. They are not wearing collars and they are not micro-chipped. They have been lost since Monday (7/17)...these are the same 2 that were lost last week and reunited with their owner's mother. If you have seen these 2 Golden Retrievers since Monday, please call 334-796-7620. Their owner is on vacation and they are staying with the owner's mother so she is desperate to get these girls back before her son returns home from his vacation.


Lost around Cottage Park subdivision out 84 West near Westwood Presbyterian Church. Please be on the look out for him and call 850-766-3023. Thank you so much, Lisa. The cats name is Floyd

07/03/17 Saban is a black/tan Beagle, 9 months old. No collar. Was last seen Saturday, 07/01/17, on Early Walden Road in Headland. If seen, please call Roger at 796-8089 or Tina 796-8252. No image
06/23/17 Lost female Yorkie/Poodle mix. Black and white, 6 pounds, no collar. Lost in Dothan between Westgate and Denton Road. If seen, call Alex 334-475-6119. No image
06/15/17 A family in Enterprise needs your help in finding their family pet, a female Husky...She went missing at approximately 10pm on Wednesday, June 14th in the Rucker Blvd Elementary area. She is black and white with all white eyes. She is wearing a pink and blue collar with 2 rabies tags. She was last seen with a small brown dog. There is a $100 reward for her safe return. If you have seen this Husky, please call 229-886-3169.
05/30/17 Chihuahua answers to Scarlett-Old female, reddish tan, no collar, lost in the vicinity of 3rd Avenue and Coe Dairy Road. If seen, please call Nicole at 467-5893 No image
05/23/17 Murphy has been missing since 6p. on Monday, 5/22. Lives on Brookside Dr., near Westgate Pkwy. No collar. Please call 797-8436 if seen or found. Reward offered.
04/25/17 LOST BOXER and CHIHUAHUA. If you have seen these two dogs please contact us at (334)714-9159. Vela is a white boxer. Jorah is a brown, long haired chihuahua. They have been missing for a few days and were last seen together on Briarcliff Rd near Westgate. We are so worried and heartbroken, please contact us with any information and help our family become whole again.
04/21/17 This is Princess. She is a Shih Tzu went missing 4/20 from Madison Square apartments near the tennis courts out by Westgate park. She's 13 years old, takes medication every day. She has cataracts. No collar, very friendly. Please if you have seen her please call 334-494-5547
04/18/17 If anyone has seen our sweet dachshund, Annie, please call me! 334-300-8482 or 334-897-6780. She is a brown dachshund with a gray face. We are heart-broken! She was last seen Saturday night, April 16 on Sequoyah. She is 15 years old, very scared of anyone she does not know, and cannot hear well. Please help us find her.
04/18/17 Missing on 4/17 in the Laver HIlls area off of Fortner in Dothan. "Oreo" was wearing a gray flea collar, no tags. Please call 596-4259 if seen or found.
04/14/17 Henry is a very friendly long haired altered black cat with gold eyes, no collar. He went missing two weeks ago in the Grimes area near the Dothan airport off of Green rd and Harrison rd. If you have any info please call Lynda Salisbury 334-702-6454.
04/06/17 Lost Dog - Last Seen Monday, April 3rd at 1231 Carpenter Road, Newton (Wicksburg), Alabama
Her Name is Geraldine and if you have seen her or know where she is please contact Marty or Janie Kush at 334-692-5431. We miss her very much!
04/05/17 She got out during the storms (April 3). She lives on 424 Morgan Ln. In Ozark, Al.  She is not chipped, but she does have a collar on with her name and my number on it. However, It has their old address on it. Her name is Angel. Darlene Reynolds 334-379-6881



Name of Dog: Missy
Age: 7
Sex: female
Breed: 11 pound mixed terrier
Color of dog: Black with some brown
Collar: wearing pink and attached to her was a pink harness
Tags and Microchip attached to her
Date missing: March 30, 2017
Missy ran away from an automobile accident on Interstate 10, mile marker 135 in Marianna, FL. Owner said Missy ran east.
Contact information: Courtney 651-587-0200

03/19/17 Missing since Friday March 17. She answers to Cuddles and meows. Very friendly and lovable. She is a very important  member of our family and we desperately  need her back. 
We offer a $50 reward.  
Please call Shannon at 812-599-9966 or Amber at 812-548-8183 with any information.  
03/16/17 Lost March 11 from Cowarts/Avon area of Bluff Springs Rd.  Male Chihuahua/Dachshund mix, fawn color. Bo was wearing a blue collar with a black leash attached. Please call Ronald or Judie @ 334-899-7670. He is very shy.
03/16/17 Sophie was lost 3/15/17 in the area of Beverly Crossroads Apts behind McDonalds.  She was last spotted 3/16 by Screen Tech on Kelly St.  She is 8.5 pounds, wearing a blue collar with a blue rabies tag from Cottonwood Animal Clinic.  She has natural stand up ears, and a cute little stub of a tail. She is scared to death and will probably run from you.  Contact numbers are 334-691-2854 home, and 334-701-2854 cell.  Owner’s name is Sherri Mercer, (husband is Mike)  Thanks for any help you can give!!