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04/21/14 Boykin Spaniel, missing since Sunday, April 20 from the Nellwood/Brentwood area of Dothan. "Bosco" is 11yrs.old, age related vision & hearing loss. Wearing an orange collar with tags. Very friendly guy. Please call if seen or found at 793-8212.


Foofoo is a small dog a chorkie ...he got out the gate Thursday evening 4/17/14. He has a black vest collar on. He has a microchip done at Animal Health Center in Enterprise. Foofoo is part of our family and is very missed by his mom and 4 Lil kids. Please help bring home our foofoo. Last seen in Enterprise on Neil Metcalf rd. (Also known as 167) just past the health department. Just down the hill past caution light. Thank you so much for any help you can give, .please contact Linda 334-618-2640

04/21/14 Small Chihuahua mostly brown and some white; missing Prevatt Rd area on the night of 4-20. Answers to Coco…scared of strangers. Please call (334)714-5888 if found! REWARD!!! Thank you!
04/14/14 Missing in the Enterprise area.  Please help bring these babies back home.
Missing since the afternoon of 10April.  Beagle mix is named Braxton and Lab
is Sammy.  Contact 334 393-8093 or 334 406-7450
04/14/14 "Ginger" was last seen in the Newville area on Co.Rd. 173 on April 4th. She is 15 years old and doesn't see or hear well. She is wearing a red collar with tags and she is micro-chipped. Please call if seen or found. 796-7135.
In the Taylor area.....Last seen April 10th on Bruner rd. Fluffy tiger striped cat with gold eyes and a leopard print collar,,,,,, his name is Sam....he is sweet....owner heartbroken. If found or seen please contact Kandy at 3348031598. Generous reward!!!!!!!!!!! 
04/09/14 Tabby cat, yellow with long hair and green eyes, last seen at 12noon on 4/9 in the Laver Hills subdivision on Fortner St. in Dothan. "Zena" is an indoor cat & her family misses her. Please call 596-4259 if seen or found.

Lost: Male Blue Heeler/Australian Shephard,  approx 37 lbs. answers to "Toby".  Last seen April 7 2014.  Very sweet family dog approximately 2 yrs old.  Has been chipped and red collar.  Last seen 878 County Rd. 2 Columbia AL.  Reward. Phone 334 796 6436

04/06/14 Long-haired, large black cat, white patch on chest missing near the Dothan Country Club. "Chocolate" had a collar with ID on. Please call if seen or found at 714-6443 or 333-5495.
Lost in Enterprise.............................................
Lost Friday March 21 in Midland City in the High School area. Max a 10 year old miniature and tan...tail has been cut...ears have not. Max left without his collar. Please help Max get back home.
03/17/14 Great Dane, gray & brown, 2-3 years old, missing from the Rip Hewes area of Dothan. "Chief" has been missing since Sunday, March 16th. Please call 618-0627 if seen or found.
03/15/14 Our dog ran out the front door two nights ago and has not found his way home. He is a small white chihuahua with black spots and answers to Spock. He was last seen off North Pontiac Ave in Dothan. My number is 333-3548. Thank you for your help.
Melissa Holman
03/01/14 Lost in Clayhatchee, last seen near the River Bridge side of town. "Callie" is medium size, mostly white w/black spots. Bird dog/bull dog mix with short hair. Very friendly. Please call 498-3934 if seen or found.
02/26/14 Male Australian Shepherd lost in Dothan, Brannon Stand/Flowers Chapel Rd. area on 2/25. Blue Merle, 35 lbs., wearing a red harness with leash. Please call 714-4967 if seen or found.
02/26/14 Lost: Male orange cat named Pickles - neutered,  10 months old, blue collar (but collar could be missing).  Last seen Friday, February 21st, in Dothan in the Highlands neighborhood.  Contact Allison at 797-2925.

This is my Lab and her name is Aubie and she is missing. She has on an orange collar and a little white under her neck. She will answer to her name. She was lost in the Enterprise area south of town past Jr. College. Please contact if seen  334-406-0812

02/16/14 Missing since 02-15-2014, Male Brindle unaltered Boxer with blue collar. His name is Rowdy, he is big and very friendly so he would come to anyone. Please call 334 806 7352 or 850 625 7472 if seen or found. Thank you!

Lost Collie in the Enterprise/Chancellor area on 2/1/14. He is tri-color, black, white and gold.

His name is Buddy. His owner is 83 years old and misses him dearly. Please call Nancy at 334-714-2909 if you have seen him or if you have any information about him.

02/07/14 Missing from North Broad St. in Newville..."Glory" is a pit bull, very sweet dog. Her family misses her very much. Please call 701-0481 if seen or found.
02/04/14 Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix (Shorkie), 18 lbs., black with tan coloring, well groomed, 6 yrs.old. Last seen running from Stone Creek Landing area off of South Park in Dothan. He is not wearing a collar, slipped out of his harness and took off running. His name is "Shorkie" and he is very friendly. Please call 797-2946 if seen or found.
01/31/14 This is Gracie.  She is a gold and white chihuahua, with long hair.  She was last seen in Kinsey near Lynn Jarvis Road on 1/30/14.  She is a dear, sweet member of our family and we miss her.  If you see her please call me at (334) 714-4472 or (850) 557-3737.
01/24/14 Our chi went missing on Thursday January 23rd in enterprise off Rucker blvd. He is deaf and is only a year old. He is our sons buddy as he is also deaf. Please call 334-432-2735 with any info! Thanks!

Jarod Mills
My Grandson's best friend, Izzy, has gone missing. She went missing sometime between 2 and 7 Monday, January 20th. She is about a 3 year old pit bull, brindle in color, and fixed. She is microchipped! She was a rescue dog my son got a shelter almost a year ago and she has become like family to them and my grandson just loves her! He is gonna be heartbroken when he realizes she isn't around. My only concern for Izzy because she is a pitbull is that someone took her to fight her. She is so laid back and loving and great with kids.  She went missing in the area of the cemetery in Pinckard. If you have seen her or know someone who has acquired a dog fitting her description please call (334)805-6300.
My puppy went missing 12/30/2013 in the Dothan High, Cloverdale area. She is small and brown, weighs about 5 lbs. There is a reward of $100.00 for her return. She has been spayed and has a small tattoo on her abdomen.

Missing: 2 Yellow Labs, both male. One is wearing a blue collar and one is wearing a gray collar. Lost Sunday night/Monday morning, January 12/13 in the Cowarts/Webb area. Please call Willie at 726-5648 if seen or found.

01/13/14 This Saturday night (1/11/14) our dog got lost in area of Denton Road inside the circle. Four year old Shih Tzu, white, very likeable dog. Reward offered.

We have lost our dog, Winnie. He is a Jack Russell Terrier, 16 lbs.

Brown and white. He ran out at 3:30 Wednesday afternoon chasing two neighborhood dogs

in Chapelwood on Boyce Rd. He sadly does not have his collar on.

He is friendly and energetic and easily led astray by grilled cheese sandwiches.

Please call if seen or found 791-2706. Thank you, Adrianne Hays

01/02/14 Male Poodle, 10 months old, thick white hair, very friendly. No collar. Last seen on JA Money Rd. in Abbeville, Willcross area. Please call 334-441-8718 if seen or found.
01/02/14 Female Rottweiler, very friendly, last seen in Graceville Fl. behind old peanut mill area. No collar. "Nicki" is about 140 lbs., 6 years old. Please call 850-260-1617 if seen or found.
12/31/13 Pekingese, caramel color w/white face. Last seen in Creekpoint Subdivision in Enterprise. Please call Tamara at 334-464-1708 if seen or found.

Missing/stolen brindle male unaltered boxer was wearing a brown collar with the name browning embroidered on it and has a microchip we are offering a reward for his return or to persons identifying or locating the person's responsible for his theft.

12/30/13 "Happy" is a male, reddish color Cat (like Morris), with one blue eye, one green eye. No collar. Last seen 12/27 at old Town & Country mobile home park in Midland City. Please call Victoria at 983-3397 if seen or found. Thank You!
12/28/13 Cash Reward for Lost Small Black and White Dog 11lbs. Answers to LIL JAKE. Spayed female. Shaved med. close. Can identify more. Please call 701-4301 if seen or found. Last seen at the corner of Denton and Oakdale at 7:30 pm Friday Night .
12/26/13 "Jack" is our black Lab, he has been missing for a couple of days. He is wearing a faded orange collar. Last seen in the Rehobeth area, near 109 & Big Creek area. Please call James at 726-1466 if seen or found. Thank you!
12/20/13 Male Apricot Poodle, missing in Abbeville in the Racetrack Rd. area. "Pooh" has his collar on. Please call 585-6660 if seen or found.
12/18/13 Cat lost in Camden Ridge subdivision on Fortner street near the intersection with Honeysuckle in Dothan. Cat is white with black markings on her head, black tail, and a large black spot on her side. Answers to the name Jazzy. If found, please call Jennifer at 334-405-8732
12/16/13 Lost 14 yr old black lab, named Onyx, in the Enterprise/YMCA area on Friday 12/13/13. He's a lot older, thinner and grayer from the picture. He does have a collar, but his tags have come off and he has a computer chip. He's an old friend I love so much, so please if you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact Michele Harrell @ 334-447-9999. Thank you!
12/09/13 Golden Retriever, "Buddy." She went missing on 12-6-2013, from the Rehobeth / Dothan area off of highway 109. Please contact me at or 334 258-9110, if you have any information regarding our friend.
12/04/13 This is Bunny. She has been lost for about a year now. She disappeared after a storm. I thought she was dead but I saw her on Oak Street in Ashford, Al about a week ago. I having been looking in the area since but I've not seen her again. People in the area said she just showed up one day and some kind people have been feeding her. If you see her please call me. Susan Pippin.  334-714-0859. Thank you!
12/02/13 I have a Beagle (female) missing. Her name is "Izzy" and she is 2 years old. She was last seen wearing a purple glittery collar. She went missing on Thursday November 21st, 2013 and was last seen around Northfield Circle off of Denton Road in Dothan. Reward is available if found and returned safely. If anyone has seen her or has any information please call 334-791-2301. Thank you, Melody.
11/26/13 Missing from the downtown Ashford area.  Has been missing since Nov 25th. We got a report that he was seen at the old Methodist church. Boston Terrier named Max.  Please call 618-0214 if found. 
11/18/13 Female Boston Terrier, 2 yrs.old, very friendly & happy dog. "M.J." got out of her collar and fence on College St. in Enterprise on Sat. 11/16. Please call (334) 417-1162 if seen or found.
11/18/13 Pekingese mix, blonde, has collar. Named Sam. Last seen Friday morning 11/15 on Broad St. in Headland. Please call 701-8054 or 701-7538 if found. ThankYou
11/05/13 Toy Poodle, tan & gray last seen Friday 11/1 in Cowarts. "Ginger" is 17 years old, blind & deaf. No collar. Please call 790-6410 or 596-9966 if seen or found.
11/05/13 Lost Dog--- Reward offered. Tan/white male chihuahua. Answers to the name Titan. 4 1/2 years old. Not neutered. Has blue & orange striped collar on with dog tags and # on it! Went missing in the neighborhood across from the mall, behind Eagle Eye Outfitters yesterday 11/4/13 around lunch time. PLEASE contact Lana Jones at 334-796-6460
11/01/13 German Shepherd, 4 month old female, lost on County Rd. 63 in Midland City. "Sadie" was wearing an orange collar. Please call 596-4543 if seen or found.
10/30/13 Dapple Dachshund, female, missing in the Glenwood/South Park area of Dothan. She is multi-colored all over, no collar. Please call 648-5382 if seen or found.
10/24/13 Please help us find our Blue Nose Pit named Cole. He is a very loved and missed family pet. Missing from Robindale Subdivision (in between Trawick Road & Fortner Street). He is wearing an army green collar and a choker chain. Please call 334-701-3971, 334-796-4627 or 334-701-9766
10/22/13 My amazing pitbull is missing. I want him to return home safely! He's a year
old. He's a blue/ light brindle pitbull. Hazel/ greenish eyes. On his front
paws he has very little white markings. Has a red collar on if not removed.
Last seen in Madrid/ cottonwood area. Goes by the name "diesel". He's my
baby and I just want him home! Please contact me at (334) 791-2837.
10/21/13 "Earl" was last seen on 10/20 on Granite Court in Dothan, near Riverside Dr. He is a tri-color mix breed dog, a little over a year old, approx. 40 lbs. Has been microchipped. Wearing a camo collar, very friendly dog. If seen or found, please call 1-800-HOMEAGAIN. 1-800-466-3242.
10/21/13 MISSING
10/21/13 "Sparta", male shih tzu, is missing in the Chapelwood/Woodburn area. If seen, please call Deanna at 334-596-0252.
10/18/13 This is "Butter", she is a Manx (has no tail), she may not come up to someone, she is rather shy around new people. If you find her please call 618-0481 or 618-1899. Was lost in Inland gas station and Watermark Church area.
10/12/13 Australian Shepherd, Blue Merle male, has his tail. One blue eye one brown. No collar but has microchip. Last seen in Lovetown ...please call (334)791-3642 if seen or found.
10/07/13 Her name is Poppy.  She is a five year old rat terrier.  She went missing 10-4-13 from Fadette (between Slocomb and Graceville on 103).   She just had surgery on 10-02-13.  She is not wearing a collar, but she has all shots.  If you see her or have any information, please call 334-886-2728 anytime.  She is dearly loved and missed
10/07/13 Brown and white sheep dog mix Answers to Bama but very timid. Lost in the Taylor area off Berlin Rd. Saturday night. he is wearing a black collar with blue rabies tag, tag number 131096. If found please call Bob Freeman 334-797-6263 any help would be appreciated Thank you
10/05/13 Last seen 10/5 on Springview St. in Columbia. "Prixie" is 9 years old & an indoor kitty. Please call 791-0205 with any information. Thank you!

Brown Boykin Spaniel missing off of County Road 203 and Helms Road. Answers to "Gauge". Please contact 334-701-1616  Or 334-798-2232 if seen or found. Thank you!

09/25/13 "Sable" was last seen on Tazewell Court in Dothan on 9/25. She is a mixed breed dog, fawn & white, approx. 11 lbs., she is microchipped. Please call 1-888-HOMEAGAIN, 1-888-466-3242 if seen or found.
09/24/13 Male Jack Russell, white with brown spots, last seen on 8/31 in the Garden District in Dothan. He was wearing a collar with tags. He is very skittish, so if seen or found please call David at 648-7936.
09/24/13 My grandson's dog is lost in the Black Alabama area. We had just gotten her fixed the day before so she is still a puppy and is very missed by him.  She is a white Lab/Beagle mix. You can see beige spots coming in through the white fur and on her belly. Was just shaved by Wiregrass neuter and spay. I'm afraid she might get an infection in her fresh surgery. Please call 726-6975 if you have any information. Thank You!

Name: Lexii

Breed: Silver Yorkie

Help us find our baby. If you see her, please call 334-798-0231
or 334-596-0127
or 662-882-1441

She went missing from the North Park / Montana Street Neighborhood.

09/13/13 Siamese cat, male, missing on Ft. Rucker. Last seen Monday 9/9 near Sheridan & Thorn St. "Mr. Miyagi" is 1 1/2 years old, approx. 5 lbs. wearing a black collar w/ a bell. Please call 1-888-HOMEAGAIN, that's 1-888-466-3242 if seen or found.
09/13/13 My cat got out of my back yard on Monday night, I have driven the streets,
called Humane Society, called all the vets, not sure what else to do. I
listen to your station, so I figure I would give it a try. His name is
Xander, about 10 years old, black and white long haired cat about 18 - 20
pounds. He had a collar with his name on it. He has gotten out a few times
before and always came home for supper, this time he hasn't. He loves being
outside. Lost in Marianna,Fl. around Daniels St.and Lafayette(Hwy 90). Please call Mary at 404-660-6002, REWARD for safe return. Thank You !
09/09/13 My niece has lost her small, white Pekingese like dog, male, 9 months old, has had a haircut recently. His back hair is shorter and has a tannish/brown tint to it. He has been raised inside with other small animals. He got outside right after a bath and does not have his collar on. He is very friendly and would approach other animals if he saw them. His name is "Scout". He lives on Woodlawn Drive and hopefully is still in that area. Please call me, Wendy @ 334-405-7234, my niece Stephanie @334-405-6937 or Kym @ 334-726-0921. There is a reward being offered. Thank You!
09/05/13 Two Bulldog puppies, 1 male and 1 female, both tan & black missing in the Windhill Rd. area of Taylor. Wearing collars, no tags. Please call Brenda at 794-0567 if seen or found.
09/03/13 Jack Russell Terrier, missing in New Brockton off 51, Co. Rd. 276 on Tues. 9/3. "Jack Jack" is very friendly, very social & will come if called. Please call (315) 396-7471 if seen or found.
09/03/13 MISSING. !!!!!!! A female Yorkie last seen on sheppard rd in Taylor. Went missing on Saturday from home .if found please call Donna at 334-435-4758.
08/27/13 Missing Male Shih Tzu!  possible found on 52 in Slocomb.  he is salt and
pepper short haired.  Please help us find our Bentley.  Our children are
heart broken and desperately want him back home....
08/22/13 Lost Femaile Shih Tzu 8 years old.  Answers to the name Ginger.  Last seen on Anleca Drive Columbia, AL.  Please call 334-790-7888/334-714-9911 if found.  There is a reward for her safe return.
08/09/13 Male Bull/Birddog mix, white w/black spots wearing a blue/grey collar. "Spot" was last seen off of Crawford Rd. in Cowarts. Please call 449-0892 if seen or found.
08/08/13 I need to find lost Pit Bull. About 1 year old female, answers to "Shake". Has a red collar with her name and home address. Lost in the Wicksburg area on Wicksburg Road. Very sweet, timid dog. She’s tan with black stripes. Please contact me at 334-347-7612/1-866-363-3644 or my cell number, 334-477-0532. Thank You!
08/03/13 Pitbull/Chihuahua mix, white with one black eye and black spots. "Baby Girl" is wearing a pink camo collar w/rabies tag. Last seen at Heron Grove Apts. in Enterprise. Please call 806-6222 if seen or found.
08/03/13 Baby Ava is 4 yrs.old, approx. 11 lbs. She is microchipped, no collar. Last seen 7/28 on Montcliff Dr. & Westgate Pkwy. in Brentwood Subdv. Please call if seen or found, 1-888-466-3243 (1-888-homeagain).
08/01/13 Help!  My dog got out of the fence today(8/1).  Her name is Bella.  She should be in the Cloverdale area.  Close to Third and Coe Dairy Road.  She is very nice and has an Alabama collar on.  If anyone sees her, please call 832-725-9288 or e-mail  Thanks!

UPDATE: Was seen Mon. 7/29 near Saunders/Third Ave. intersection

Black and Tan Chihuahua, missing from Coggins Trailer Park on East Saunders Rd. in Dothan. Last seen Sat. 7/27. His name is "Digger" and he belongs to my 8 yr. old special needs daughter. He has been her best friend for 5 years and she is grieving. Please call 701-1688 if seen or found.

07/30/13 Two Hunting dogs last seen on 7/23 in Dale County at Brown's Crossroads. Male is black w/orange collar and owner info. Female is brown also wearing collar, no tags. If seen or found, please call Jan at 714-0839 or Gary at 791-5578.
Our dog went missing Saturday, 7/27/13 @ about 5 30 pm. She is a tan pitbull mix. She is approx 40 lbs and would have been in the company of a miniature blue merle Australian Shepherd. She is 7 months old with a sweet disposition.  We are offering a 200 dollar reward for her safe return. She was last seen in the vicinity of Brannon Stand Road and Murphy Mill road in the fields. If you have her, please contact John or Melissa at 334 648 0114 or 334 400 4473. 
Thank you
07/25/13 My cat went missing Tuesday 7-16-13 from Dusty Lane in the Love Town community.  We just recently moved here so I'm not sure where she could be.  She could've possibly tried to go back to our old house on 33 South. She is 11 yrs old and has been an inside cat most of her life.  She is spayed. I've had her since she was a kitten.  She's slightly obese and very shy.  She is a tortoise shell. 334-790-4521
UPDATE 7/30: Max still missing reward offered cell phone Beckie(334)791-3969



Max was last seen on 7/22 in Pinckard, Al. He has on a red collar. He is a little over a year old. Please contact Beckie at 983-5598.


Missing this morning from Willow Ridge Lane in Ozark. Wearing a blue collar w/dogbone shaped tag. Please call (985)991-3537 if seen or found. Thank You so much.

Kristian Weed

07/16/13   We have lost our cat, her name is HanaBelle and she is white, gray, and brownish in color. She is really skinny, she recently had kittens. Very sweet and loving. Wear's a red collar with bling-bling on it, has a heart hanging on it with her name and my name and phone number, but she sometimes gets the collar off. Her right eye is scratched and sometimes looks worse than other times.  She was last seen on Grand Oaks Drive off of Drew Road and Husky Road area.  Husky Road is off of Hwy 52 east. If you have any word on her, please, please, please call, 334-718-9748!
07/15/13 My miniture schnauzer/yorkie mix has been missing since April 26.  She was last seen near Denton Rd & Lunaluska.  Her name is Peanut. She was wearing a collar but no tags.   Please call Vicki @ 334-714-2021 if you have seen her or have any information.

Murphee is a grey tabby, he is wearing a red break-away collar. He was last seen 3 Jul on Janice Street,

Enterprise. He will answer to his name and is very vocal. He is a very sweet, gentle cat.

If seen, please call Jerry at 347-1712 or email at

07/06/13 Yellow Lab missing off Hunters Glenn Rd. near Burbank since 9am 7/6. "Allie" is overweight, 5 years old, no collar. Please call 790-5200 if seen or found. Large REWARD offered for her safe return.
07/06/13 Missing black and white Boston Terrier.  Went missing July 4 around 10:30 when we let her outside to go to the bathroom and she got scared of the fireworks.  Should be near the Deer Valley subdivision.  No collar because we had just bathed her but she answers to Lexi.  Please call Heather Harden at 334-701-6187 if you have seen her.  Thank you!

Can you please post this dog on your website? His name is Bobo, dark brown Chihuahua, with white tip on his tail, weighs about 5 lbs, Missing from Cottonwood Rd. in Cottonwood for about 2 weeks. You can email me at or call 843-259-8697. Reward offered!!

07/04/13 "Pinkie" is a red-nosed Pit, white with brown on her ears, wearing a wide green collar w/rabies tag. Last seen on Chinook St. near N. Park & Chickasaw Sts.Please call 446-1253 if seen or found.
07/01/13 Hi,
My cat has been missing for several days now. She is gray/white/tan tiger striped and paws are white. She is 8 years old and answers to Pouncer and is microchipped. Please message me at if you've found her. Thank you!
06/25/13 This is our sweet girl Hartley that is still missing from the Eddins Rd. area since Friday. She is bigger than this now but this shows her brown heart on her back..please message me if you have any info…. Contact Monica DeMott  Suzie Krelle on FB has her phone number,so message her there. Thanks!!!!
06/21/13 6 month old Blue pit bull puppy, w/white chest missing in Newton on Hwy. 134. Has a full tail and ears, no collar. Last seen Fri. morning 6/21. Please call if seen or found at 655-0033 or 655-5565.

Hey, I have two Pitts that have been missing for about 3 weeks now. I'm attaching a picture. They were lost in between Cottonwood and Malone. One male and one female...female has ice blue eyes and is white with blue markings answers to "Lo", the male is blue w/white chest answers to "Little Man". Thanks! My number is 334-596-9282

06/18/13 LOST DOG!!
Reward offered! Black and tan coonhound. Male. Neutered. 3yrs old. Lost in Midland city area around the Dothan airport about one month ago. (May 2013) Name is "cat". Please contact Anita Odom cell number 334-618-8403 and work number 334-793-9779. Thanks a million!
Hello. Can someone please help me get my lost "MOLLY" home. She was taken from my house in Laver Hills about 2 Christmases ago. Please call with info. Very sweet and loving cat. very missed.
  Thank you. Margo 334-596-4259
06/11/13 Buddy, an orange and white tabby 1-2 year old male, has been missing since Thursday, June 5th and Aubie, an orange 10 year old male tabby, went missing on Saturday, June 8th. Neither are wearing collars. We live in Enterprise on County Road 156 (Boy Scout Road) right across from the Methodist Church. Please call Sue at 334.494-0285, Ron at 334.470-7435 or our home at 334.894.5015.
06/11/13 He is a Whippet mix, and dug out of his fence during last Friday's bad weather. He answers to Joey, and should be somewhere around the Cottonwood area. Thanks for your help 334-797-4669
06/10/13 Great White Pyrenees, 4 months old, last seen at Reflections On The Water in Eufaula. Please call Lori if seen or found at 334-796-6595.
05/23/13 "Mickey" is missing from the Flynn Rd. area of Dothan. No collar, but he is microchipped. He is very skittish, so if seen please call Susan at 618-0128. Reward offered
05/21/13 10 year old Poodle, black with gray and wearing a blue collar with rabies tag...missing since 5/19 off Hwy. 95 N. in the Columbia area. Please call 701-1695 if seen or found.
05/14/13 Himalayan cat, female-missing from the Deer Valley Subdivision off Murphy Mill Rd. in Dothan. "Sassy" is very fluffy, blue point, tan & gray and fully declawed. No collar. Please call if seen or found 797-7820. She went missing mother's day weekend.
05/03/13 Lost on Monday 4-29-13 on County Line Rd. off of Brannon Stand. Small black dog wearing a light brown leather collar with no tags. His name is Lil Man, he's very sweet and friendly. Please call or text anytime 334-618-8566, ask for Rebecca
04/30/13 This is Pebbles! She is 15 years old and nearly blind She has a bad eye on the right when you are looking at her. She also cannot hear unless you clap your hands really loud. She is not a viloent dog by any means and gets along well with other dogs but she wont defend herself if one tries to attack her because she cant see well enough. We live on Bill Yance Road in Webb, Al. My contact number is 843-737-3505. If anyone has seen her please let me know. Thank you! Debbie Culbreth~

We lost a small white poodle on April 26, 2013 (Friday) around 7 PM. Goes by the name Pappadeaux (pronounced Pappadough).

Our address is 611 Lakewood Dr. (Corner of South Park/Lakewood Dr.)

Philip & Teresa Harrelson

334-797-1499 -- 334-797-3738 -- 334-796-5372



Red Irish Setter named Connor,4 years old, wearing red collar with his name and phone number.Missing from Sims Lane in Wicksburg and seen in Choctawhatchee Hills.



Lost Dog.Tri Color Treeing Walker Coonhound, named Walker.6 years old,wearing black collar with his name and phone number. Missing from Sims Lane in Wicksburg and seen in Choctawhatchee Hills.

Please call 334 692 3060 or 334 797 7879 if seen or found.Reward.

04/22/13 German Shorthaired Pointer, last seen in the Hodgesville/Eddins Rd. area of south Dothan on 4/9/13. "Max" was wearing a black collar with green tag. Please call 797-0532 if seen or found.
04/22/13 Female Yellow Lab, orange collar-no tags. "Sadie" was last seen on baywood in the Chapelwood Subdv.of Dothan. Please call 797-6157 if seen or found.
04/22/13 My mother lost 2 pomeranians in the Hodgesville road and Middleton road area of south Dothan. They are red colored and the male has some black in him and the female is a cream color. The male answers to Little Man and the girl answers to Sweet Pea. If found contact Mike Bice at (334)791-7546 or Kimberly Eastridge at (334)596-9749 Thank you, they mean a lot to my grandmother and she misses them very much.

This is Norma Jean, an 8 month old female cat who has not been spayed. She is a sweet, diva like cat who likes to hunt and fish. She has a very fluffy tail and knows she is pretty. She may be found with our 3 year old male cat, Cash. Both are missing since 4/17/13 from Brookdale subdivision. Please call Keith at 334-803-6882 if you find them.




This is Cash (tabby), a 3 year old neutered male that has been missing from the Brookdale subdivision since Wednesday, 4/17/13. He is a very sweet cat with dark strips on top and white underneath. He may be in the company of our other cat, Norma Jean, who also went missing the same night :(. Please call Keith at (334) 803-6882 if you have seen these two sweet cats.

04/18/13 We have lost our dog, Tater. He is a long haired dachsaund. He is black, gray and brown. He was lost in the vincinity of Byrd Funeral Home and Flower's Chapel Road or he could have been lost off of Carroll Street around Hardscapes and Powell Accounting. If found please call Ron at 334-797-9030 or Cynthia at 334-798-2712
04/13/13 Lost cat, black & white male bobtail. No collar. Last seen in Daleville near Cairns Field in the Hilltop Subdv. His name is Sebastian. Please call if seen or found at 477-7185.
04/13/13 Two Black & white Shihtzu, last seen on Dakota St. behind Calvary Baptist Church. "Bama" and "Sadie" are wearing collars with tags. If seen or found, please call 805-0082 or 805-0169.
REWARD!!!!!!!!!! LOST DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bambi is a female chuahuhua who we have had since she was a couple weeks old. We bottle fed her and ever since then she has been another member of the family. She is tan with a little white mark in between her eyes. We let her out to use the bathroom and she disappeared. We are afraid someone picked her up since her little necklace and stuff and fallen off. She has been missing since last Thursday. She was taken from Cotton creek, Enterprise, AL. She hasn't been spayed and she is about 1 year old. If anyone has any information please contact me anytime day or night as soon as possible. 334-258-6011 or Any tips or information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much and God bless.
04/04/13 334-237-0311 please call if seen or found. Or take to Andrews Avenue Animal Hospital in Ozark. Her name is Kirra, her owners really miss her.
Missing female 1.5 yr old mix dog Skipperville area beige & white, should be wearing collar with rabies & microchip tags.
04/03/13 My cat "Dusty" has been missing since mid December, between S Park and
Woodland dr in Dothan, al. He has been with us for 12+ years and all over the
country being an indoor/outdoor cat everywhere, never has gone astray. We have
currently lived in this house for 5 years and he is familiar with his
surroundings as my neighbors are familiar with him. He is fixed and was in good
health the last time we saw him. He IS a family member and missed greatly. We
are offering a reward to anyone with any information that would lead to us
finding him. My children suffer, Its like they lost a brother, even my dog is
depressed. I'm begging for some type of closure. Short hair white tabby, with
brown blacks greys and blue eyes.
Sincerely, Terra Hutto
04/03/13 My dog got out of our backyard fence on Monday morning, May 1st. We live between Rip Hews stadium and Selma Street Elementary. She is an American pit bull terrier named Chyna and is approximately 6 months old. She is tan in color with tan color eyes. She is being treated for a skin condition and is missing a lot of her hair. She needs her medication daily and vet visits bi-weekly. She did not have on a collar due to the skin irritation on her neck. Please call Rebecca at 334-446-2701.
03/23/13 Bichon, white male, completely blind, no collar. "Bowden" was last seen in vicinity of Treecrest Subd./Haven Dr. area of Dothan. Please call Jessica at 618-1022 if seen or found.
03/21/13 Gray cat, male, lost near S.E. Ala. Veterinary Hosp. on the Montgomery Hwy., near Murphy Mill Rd. He has an injured left front foot. If seen or found, please call 714-1367, 792-1367, or 702-7048.
03/19/13 I have lost my bulldog puppy. She went missing on March 8th at night. She answers to Josie and she had a pink collar on her. I have attached a picture of her. Please contact me at 334-714-5371 or email

Due to a break in at our home, two Welsh Corgis are missing... both are males and answer to Freddie and Eddie, both are wearing plain leather collars.

They went missing around 12:00pm on Friday 15 March 2013 in the area of Walter St and 3rd Ave....outside the circle. if found please call Corey at 334-726-6500

night or day....these dogs are my wife's recovery dogs....please if found call me, there is a reward for their safe return.

03/14/13 Female 5 month old Boxer puppy that went missing today. You can reach me at
334-791-9141. My name is Wendy Strawder. We live on the west side of town on
Westmont Drive off of W Main St near Cherokee.
03/11/13 I lost my 6 month old solid black kitty, "Jeezy", Thursday night. He is a Maine
coon with a very bushy tail. Was lost on Fortner Street between Honey"s
Hotdogs and the BBQ shack. Please help me get him home. He is family. Thank u and God
Jessica King
03/06/13 White Min. Poodle, male-missing from the Trawick Rd. area of Dothan. Wearing a black collar w/white bones, no tags. Please call 797-3530 if seen or found.
03/06/13 Female Dachshund, brown & white with one blue eye, one brown-missing from the S.Alice St. area near Dothan High. She is wearing a collar w/tags. Please call Mary if seen or found at (334)258-0707.