White Lab found near Dothan City School's bus farm. Looks about 7yrs old, no collar. Found on 3rd ave near Dothan City School's bus farm. She is very sweet and looks like she just had puppies. Call Teressa at 334-701-6824


10/02/18 Pit Bull found in Level Plains on Maree Drive off 84. To ID and claim call Caroline at 334-237-1918.


Male dog Found on Trawick rd & Hwy 52 . Contact Wendy at 334-479-1141 to ID.




FOUND DOG: near Lucy Grade Rd, SE of Dothan. Dog was picked up on 9/10 the Dothan City Animal Shelter located at 295 Jerry Dr. Call the shelter at (334) 615-4620 to claim




Found dog at ACOM! Male approximately 2-5yr has a Collar but no tags. Help us find his owner! Contact ‭(727) 504-0027‬ with info.




Found male dog in Midland city AL, he has no tags but a red collar and looks well groomed. Very sweet. White with black and brown spots on his ears and a black spot on his bottom near his tail. If this is your dog please call 334-790-0397




FOUND: black pug found at Lowes on RCC. Listener had to call animal control 615-4620




Australian Shepherd puppyfound in the nucular plant area. Call Rhonda to calim 334-798-5603




FOUND: a Pug and Beagle at Marathon store on 231 South near Flea Market. Call Mark to claim 677-7080




Solid Grey Female Kitten about 10-12 weeks old. Was found at Publix in Enterprise around 130 to 200 pm. She had gotten up in the engine of a car and the associates were able to pull her out. She was taken to the vet to see if there was a chip and there is not one. Looks healthy, no fleas, and not dirty. Must be someone pet. Purrs and kisses. Rebecca Byrd 3344776131. She will be taken care of until owners are found or someone takes her for a pet.




An orange tabby cat has shown up at the Clarion Inn hotel in Dothan. Looks like one of her/his ears have been nipped..You can contact me at 334-790-0480 and I will put you in contact with the person that found the cat..


07/02/18 We found a puppy in Ashford. It was on Main St near where it tees into Church St. Puppy has a collar but no tag, is a chocolate color. Has webbed feet like a lab but may also have some bulldog mix. We can keep puppy for a few days but already have 2 large dogs so can't keep permanently. Please contact Shannon at 718-6676.


FOUND PUPPY: male 4-5 month old puppy found on Hwy 71 in Malone, FL. Brendel with white chest and feet. Has collar but no tags and no chip. Very friendly. Contact Wanda 850-569-2942 to ID and claim.




FOUND on Soutside on Brookwood Dr: Young male german shepard. Has collar, no tags. Look slike he broke from his leash. He is brown with a blackish tail. Was travleing with a black dog, but the black dog ran off. The shepard is safe with a WOOF Listener.

UPDATE 6/4/18 - This pet has escaped from listeners yard that found him. If this is your pet contact Derrick at WOOF Radio 334-792-1149




Found dog young rat terrier in mixon school road area of Ozark . 733 - 0220




Found near Bellwood/Enterprise area near Hwy 27 / Hwy 167

No collar. Skiddish. Howler. My contact data is 334-447-3474.Traci


03/05/18 FOUND: This fur baby was found on Valentines day, and has not been claimed by his owner. A well groomed, young black Lab (male) found in Madrid, AL Call or text Jenny 334-718-5041.He is well trained and the whole neighbhood has pitched in to help take care of him, but he misses his parents dearly.


We have had a young male dog show up in the Taylor area he is a dead ringer for a black German Shorthaired Pointer very active well mannered we can't get him to stay in the fenced-in backyard so I'm afraid he may get out in the road and get hit he has on a red collar no other identifying Marc's has a black Bobtail and very skinny. If you know who might have lost this dog or if you know someone that would give him a good home please text me at 334 714 8812


02/26/18 Found in ozark al. near logans cleaners female black and white with a collar no tags


I found this lost little brown puppy in a field in Midland City Alabama he is the sweetest thing. He will be at the Dale County Humane Society


02/16/18 This dog was found today at the Alabama Welcome Center on 231 south of Dothan and taken to the Dothan Animal Shelter. It is friendly and well fed, but no collar.
02/09/18 Found: Female Pitbull, really sweet. Brown and black, black collar, about 3 months old. Murphy Mill Landing off of JB Chapman, Dothan. Call 334-479-1604. Ask for Mary  
2/7/18 This sweet female was on my front steps, Hebrew Rd., Donalsonville Ga., Monday morning. White with black patches, apparently been nursing pups recently. No collar but I’m sure someone must be missing her! If she’s yours please contact me by text: 229-309-4846
2/7/18 A dog was found about a week ago at Army Aviation Cetner Federal Credit Union on Cottonwood Rd across from Publix. He looks like a black long haired corgi with a little white on his chest. Did not have a collar when found. Call Samatha at 334-714-0763 to claim.
02/05/18 Male dog found in Madrid. He's wearing a dog collar and is well behaved and very friendly. Please, if you know where this dog's home is contact me via e-mail barbaraadexter@yahoo.com  


FOUND PET: Male Retriever (white with black & brown spots on ears) Found in Kinsey, has collar but no tag. The WOOF listener that found him has cats at home and is unable to keep him for long. If you can serve as a foster home for this found pet until the owner can claim him, please call. Contact Tabitha 334-790-2844


02/05/18 Found a small fluffy white and gray female kitten in the Eastwood Heights subdivision off of Beacon rd. Approximately 8-12wks old and very friendly. She belongs to someone. If anyone thinks this may be their kitten, I can be contacted at 334-718-7693, text or call.
02/05/18 Found this swet baby girl at the intersection on Co. Rd 8 and Rd 55 in Cottonwood. Trying to find her home. She has some markings on her that are not shown in the picture in case someone tries to claim her. 334 648 8714 Robin


FOUND: Puppy Dachshund found near Park & Brunson (Southside outside of the circle). Very sweet, no collar, no chip. To claim call Laura 334-791-7877



01/30/18 ABANDONED: Looking for good home: Male Rottweiler (Black & Tan) Large (90-100 lbs) Very Skiddish He will not come close to anyone, even if you present food for him. Found in Wicksburg, just down the road from Working Cow Dairy. The entire neighborhood is taking care of him for now, but we need to find a loveing home for this pet. If you'd like to adopt him, please call Stacy 334-805-0281 or Mrs Judy 334-692-3154‬ We are trying to find him a proper Home.
01/30/18 ABANDONED: Looking for good home: Found a Sweet Lost Puppy. Sweet girl appears to be a Aussie Shepard, black and white dapple. I’m on the west side of Dothan off Brannon Stand. Looking for a good home. Thanks, Jillian Davis 334-796-3599
01/08/18 We have found this puppy. He is gentle and love able. He seems to be malnourished. Not sure who he belongs to. He is at our home on Gene Terry Rd. We have brought him inside due to the cold, he is being fed and has been bathed. Anyone who knows the puppy or wants to give this baby a good home. Please email me at angelofdeceitu4@yahoo.com . Thank you
12/29/17 Found: Male Chihuahua mix. It's at Southern Clinic-201 Doctor's Drive. Has on an Alabama Crimson Tide collar. Office: 334-794-6611 or Cell: 334-796-7418  
12/27/17 FOUND: In area of E Cottonwood rd and Mimosa. "Kitty" has been in our yard off/on for a couple of weeks now, but would not let me near. I've been setting out food and found "Kitty" going through my trash this afternoon, was exhausted/tired/extremely hungry and let me pick up. Well mannered, easy going, unsure of age, seems un phased by my dog's barks or other cat's meows, doesn't mind kiddos, and has a very worn collar on (no tags ). I'm thinking this is someone's missing indoor baby. Must be able to identify gender and description of collar. If unclaimed Kitty will join our family. Right now he/she has their belly full, is warm/dry, has taken up with my oldest daughter, and is settled in for an Adventure Time marathon.This is my number: 334 648 4697 Thanks!
12/12/17 I found him "playing" in the morning school traffic between Midland City Elementary School and the post office. I definitely knew I needed to pick him up when he started running towards the railroad tracks to the main road. Description: Not fixed, no microchip, dew claws intact, according to vet he is a year old (if that), and he is very fearful of getting into a car. I walked to a few houses in the neighborhood to ask if anyone knew where he lives, but I didn't have any luck. Everyone said that he has been running around the neighborhood for days-playing with all the neighborhood children. Also, he doesn't like leashes. With that being said, he was found with no collar on. Please contact me via my facebook page. (Kristy Vitty
12/11/17 Found Sunday, Dec.10th, at 5:45pm: Young male dog, acts puppy-ish. Brown & white. Very friendly and smart. Found at Roberts Grocery on Hwy 52 in Taylor. Call or txt 334-648-0940
12/04/17 FOUND 12/4/17 Female, blue pit found near Houston County Health Department Has purple harness. The workers at the health department called Dothan City pound to pick up dog on 12/4 Call Mr. Kim Wilson at 334-678-5933 or the Dothan City Pound (334) 615-4620
12/04/17 Found In WICKSBURG: 12/01/2017: A beautiful Husky! Very calm, well trained, and groomed! Please call or text to identify. 334-632-1211
11/29/17 Found: Small Yorkie, Running on Sanitary Dairy Rd. Close to Eddins Rd area. 11/27/2017, Very Friendly, Well trained, and Groomed. Call 671-1911.
11/27/17 Found on the circle between reeves st and headland ave...male chocolate lab with black collar no tags. He will be at All Breeds Rescue in Daleville 334-701-4417
11/20/17 FOUND DOG 11/18/17: Gray long hair looks like Shih Tzu with blue collar, no tags found near Hobo Pantry on Beverly and 84 intersection Call Ray 334-405-0481 to claim
11/14/17 Found in the vicinity of Highlands Antique Mall, Highway 84, Dothan. The dog was taken home by a concerned citizen, but they can't keep it. To claim, call 334-790-3900.
11/14/17 FOUND in Westbrook sub division, well taken care of Male Husky. Call Peggy at 334-793-6471 to claim.  
11/03/17 Found in Enterprise, large white Great Dane. Now at Animal Care Center, 1107 Boll Weevil Circle. Phone 334-347-0544  
10/27/17 Found female older black lab on 52west and Honeysuckle. If she is yours please call me at 334-350-6554. She has been well taken care of, and wants to go home.  
10/23/17 FOUND 8-10 pound puppy, Female no collar. Very sweet, semi-long hair dog but recently cut fur, tail cutBlack Body, tan legs and face. Contact Tina Kelly 334-733-6514
10/13/17 Found at Second Chance Thrift Shop in Dothan, a friendly ferret. Call 334-538-6638  
10/10/17 Found in the Highlands, these kittens. To claim them, call Mary Lois Parrish 618-1233.
10/09/17 This German Shepard mix showed up this morning during the storm and has been hanging around ever since. It seems she is a girl. She has no collar but appears to be well groomed and friendly. Found near the intersection of Memphis Church Road and Saunders Rd. in Dothan. You may contact Brian at 239-398-6952.
10/06/17 Found Dog: Male German Shepard found on Yellow Leaf Drive in Enterprise. Has collar and leash. Call Gina 334-494-5209.  
09/22/17 Found Male Beagle, next to Geneva County Court House. To claim,  
09/18/17 Found Dog, a Beagle mix in Pinchard off of Highway 55. To claim, please call 334-470-1998.  
09/15/17 Green Quaker parakeet found on East Wayne Rd (intersects with Hodgesville and East Saunders). Please call Allen at Wet Pets 334-792-9401 to claim.
09/03/17 A male German Short Hair Pointer and a female Pit/mix, no collars, running on Murphy Mill Road. Both are very sweet. Contact Susan, 334-796-8583 to identify and claim.
08/21/17 Found Sunday 08/20/17 off Flynn Road, a small brindle looking puppy with a pink collar. To claim, call 618-8079.

FOUND in Belwood on 45 Young puppy about 1-2months old, looks like a Golden Retriever.No collar

08/03/17 Found male charcoal to black puppy probably around 6 months, possible lab or lab mix. Face scratched and cut. Probably got into fight with something. No collar or id. Trying to get good picture. Won’t sit still. Playful and pleasant. Found under my truck on church street in Pinckard. Please help me find his home. Please call 337-945-6339.
07/25/17 Found: 2 pigs-sow and male. Sow looks to may have had babies recently. In Cowarts, near Ronnie's Clothing and Shoes on Broad Street. Phone 334-718-5150. Ask for Shelby  
07/12/17 Found a female white lab in bay springs area red flowers on collar. Please call 3348035985
06/14/17 Found near Southside Wal-Mart, 231 South, a male, medium-size, Husky-ish dog, wearing a red collar with no tags. For further info, call 334-671-8136.
06/06/17 Found Dog in Dothan. She jumped into my truck while I was checking my mail Saturday, on Trawick Rd off of HWY 52. American bully breed/Pitt. If she is your girl, please contact me and describe her collar and where you purchased it from. I'll also want proof of ownership to weed out anyone who could be claiming her, wanting her for horrible intentions. I'm extremely protective over these breeds and desperately want to find her true family. Contact me at Mommyoftwo143@gmail.com Thanks, Amy
04/24/17 Found Thursday night (4/20) a long-hair Dachshund, tan & black. Wearing a collar-no tags/not chipped. Found near Montgomery Hwy/Westgate Pkwy in Dothan. Please call 334-798-9902 to identify.
03/31/17 Found two female husky dogs near College Street in Enterprise. They are OK and being contained in a fenced in yard. Please call ASAP. Tom Blisard 334-393-0033 or cell 334-389-7365.

Found in Brookdale Subdivision off of Timbers Dr outside the circle.  She is a tan female dog with a bright orange collar. Appears to be a lab/bull dog mix.  Very friendly girl.  Please contact Nikki at 334-714-1352.

03/01/17 Smaller female Beagle found on 2/28 on Johnny Murphy Rd. in Rehobeth. Wearing a collar, but no tags. Please call Caitlin to identify & claim. 334-798-0224.
02/23/17 Black & white female dog found east of Elba near 84/141. Looks like Border Collie possible mix, no collar. Please call 334-389-3581 to identify & claim.
02/22/17 Found in the Briarcreek area of Dothan, off Westgate Pkwy. Please call Beth at 334-718-5454 to identify and claim.
01/07/17 Found at Hardridge Creek, Henry County. Call Safe Haven Animal Rescue and Kennels  (S.H.A.R.K. ) at 334.435.6979