09/18/17 Found Dog, a Beagle mix in Pinchard off of Highway 55. To claim, please call 334-470-1998.  
09/15/17 Green Quaker parakeet found on East Wayne Rd (intersects with Hodgesville and East Saunders). Please call Allen at Wet Pets 334-792-9401 to claim.
09/03/17 A male German Short Hair Pointer and a female Pit/mix, no collars, running on Murphy Mill Road. Both are very sweet. Contact Susan, 334-796-8583 to identify and claim.
08/21/17 Found Sunday 08/20/17 off Flynn Road, a small brindle looking puppy with a pink collar. To claim, call 618-8079.

FOUND in Belwood on 45 Young puppy about 1-2months old, looks like a Golden Retriever.No collar

08/03/17 Found male charcoal to black puppy probably around 6 months, possible lab or lab mix. Face scratched and cut. Probably got into fight with something. No collar or id. Trying to get good picture. Won’t sit still. Playful and pleasant. Found under my truck on church street in Pinckard. Please help me find his home. Please call 337-945-6339.
07/25/17 Found: 2 pigs-sow and male. Sow looks to may have had babies recently. In Cowarts, near Ronnie's Clothing and Shoes on Broad Street. Phone 334-718-5150. Ask for Shelby  
07/12/17 Found a female white lab in bay springs area red flowers on collar. Please call 3348035985
06/14/17 Found near Southside Wal-Mart, 231 South, a male, medium-size, Husky-ish dog, wearing a red collar with no tags. For further info, call 334-671-8136.
06/06/17 Found Dog in Dothan. She jumped into my truck while I was checking my mail Saturday, on Trawick Rd off of HWY 52. American bully breed/Pitt. If she is your girl, please contact me and describe her collar and where you purchased it from. I'll also want proof of ownership to weed out anyone who could be claiming her, wanting her for horrible intentions. I'm extremely protective over these breeds and desperately want to find her true family. Contact me at Mommyoftwo143@gmail.com Thanks, Amy
04/24/17 Found Thursday night (4/20) a long-hair Dachshund, tan & black. Wearing a collar-no tags/not chipped. Found near Montgomery Hwy/Westgate Pkwy in Dothan. Please call 334-798-9902 to identify.
03/31/17 Found two female husky dogs near College Street in Enterprise. They are OK and being contained in a fenced in yard. Please call ASAP. Tom Blisard 334-393-0033 or cell 334-389-7365.

Found in Brookdale Subdivision off of Timbers Dr outside the circle.  She is a tan female dog with a bright orange collar. Appears to be a lab/bull dog mix.  Very friendly girl.  Please contact Nikki at 334-714-1352.

03/01/17 Smaller female Beagle found on 2/28 on Johnny Murphy Rd. in Rehobeth. Wearing a collar, but no tags. Please call Caitlin to identify & claim. 334-798-0224.
02/23/17 Black & white female dog found east of Elba near 84/141. Looks like Border Collie possible mix, no collar. Please call 334-389-3581 to identify & claim.
02/22/17 Found in the Briarcreek area of Dothan, off Westgate Pkwy. Please call Beth at 334-718-5454 to identify and claim.
01/07/17 Found at Hardridge Creek, Henry County. Call Safe Haven Animal Rescue and Kennels  (S.H.A.R.K. ) at 334.435.6979



12/19/16 Two dogs, one male/one female, black & tan, showed up at BuyRite Drugs on S.Union in Ozark. No collars, friendly dogs. Please call to identify...774-8505.

This dog was found by the side of the road in Headland. Vet's office called me to take her. By her physical condition he has been lost for a while ( maybe months) . She has the best MANNERISIMS... Must belong to someone who LOVED her. She does NOT pull on a leash, will not eat people food, Does not lick me. She does NOT jump on furniture and she knows several commands. She is emaciated working on getting fattened up! :). She has an identifying mark on her face. If you know who lost her please contact me. I am calling her Raisin. We have a medical issue we are working on but I would love to help her get home. Can call me Ginny (334) 618-7177.

12/15/16 Found last night (12/14), almost ran over at the intersection of Broadway amd Church St in Ashford. heather.beardslee@gmail.com

He is injured and would not come to me. Will you share?

Found him on Woodburn Dr in Woodburn Terrace area.

Thank you, Miranda ..... miranda.ball.ffiy@statefarm.com

10/31/16 Found small, black and white puppy in the Bay Springs area with collar but no tag. Contact 334-797-4003
10/26/16 Friendly cat found in the SAMC parking garage, black with a white face and paws, fluffy tail & yellow eyes. Please call Sandy at (334) 685-7707.
10/25/16 Found Tuesday morning (10/25) in the Jack, Al area...Brown Chihuahua, 4+ yrs.old, no collar. Please call (334) 347-1295 to identify and claim.
10/20/16 Found Thursday morning (Oct.20th) at Kelly Springs Elementary. He is very sweet and playful. He is wearing a camouflage collar. Please contact Jessica at 205-586-7293 if this is your puppy.
10/11/16 Medium size black Poodle found on Trawick Rd. in Dothan. Well cared for, recently groomed. Please call 797-7970 to identify collar and claim.

Found: Male Chocolate Lab on 84 West near the Highlands Antique Mall early Sunday morning 10/9/16.  He had a collar with leash still attached.  Very friendly and loving.  Please call 334-692-5700 to identify color of collar and leash to claim your fur baby back!

09/28/16 Found male Beagle mix around Glen Haven off of 3rd Ave. Had a blue collar on. Please call (334) 446-8938.
09/16/16 Wearing harness and leash
Found near Southern Bone & Joint-Ross Clark Circle Southeast
Has been taken to Dothan Animal Shelter

Thank you!
08/17/16 Found on Timbers Dr.in Dothan. Please call 714-3636 to identify
08/12/16 Found in the Newton area...Please call to identify.  334-796-6159
08/09/16 Found on the corner of Eddins and Prevatt at Rosewood Subdivision. For more info please call David 344-797-6705

This dog showed up at my house yesterday (8/4)  in Ashford. Can call 334-596-5867. I think it's a yorki, has a collar but no tag.

08/04/16 Siberian Husky found 8/2 in Dothan on Westgate @ Burbank. Wearing a collar-no tags. Please call 790-5221 to identify and claim.

Found on S. Woodburn Dr. in Dothan, walking down from Sonic. Please contact Carlos to further identify.

carlosl.benton@gmail.comh. 793-1576

08/03/16 Schnauzer found in Garden Dist. area of Dothan, near Braswell & VanBuren. 4-5 yrs.old, call 479-0512 to identify & claim.

We had a stray kitten come up to our house last week in Slocomb/Malvern area. Please call 561-891-5017

06/22/16 Showed up this morning at our house and is on our front yard.  We live in the 800 block of South Edgewood Drive in Dothan.  He is skin and bones.  Wearing a black collar with no tags.  He is not neutered.  Believe he is a blue pit.  Very young, playful, loves to lick, and friendly.  Tried asking neighbors, but they weren't home or didn't own him.  
  I have called Dothan Police dept and requested an Animal Control pickup, but they can't get him until this afternoon.  I'mhoping that he ran away from home and is not a dump off.  My name is Mrs. Abbey Pollan and my cell number is 334-796-7173.  Thank you and I hope he finds his home soon.
06/04/16 Found @ Dollar General in Cottonwood by Gene Terry Rd. Call me 334-596-1110. I have the nice ladys address who saved him from being picked up by pound.
05/30/16 Golden Retriever found in the Valley Stream Subv. area off Shellfield Rd. in Enterprise. Please call James at 334-494-0307 to identify & claim.
05/30/16 Black long hair cat showed up at my house in Laver Hills off of Fortner St. 3 days ago and appears to be about starved and can hardly walk. She has green eyes and a little bit of calico in her color, her left paw is calico and a little on top of her head. I cut all matted hair off of her and made her a short haired cat and gave her flea medicine. She is very very friendly and loving. appears to be a somebody's cat. Very sweet. Please call 596 4259. 

Found running around Highway 27 just pass 69 in Echo, just before the Country Store if anybody knows the owner please contact 334 733 9123 thank you ask for Lori

05/21/16 A puppy came to us in Cottonwood. Brown white with a black spot on its tail. Definitely an inside puppy very friendly and socialized.  Call 334 547-1869 if you think he/she is yours and can tell me something else about him/her. Thank you, Debbie Hayes
05/05/16 Weimarainer found in Rehobeth, on Johnny Murphy Rd. on 4/3/16. Please call Jessica at 798-2493 to identify & claim.
05/03/16 Chihuahua, black with brown markings, found in Hidden Lake Apts. area of Dothan. No collar. Please call (256) 595-7687 to identify & claim.
04/20/16 Found female dog in the Garden District in Dothan on 4/18.  Wearing a collar but no tags.  Sweet girl but is walking with a slight limp.  Please call (334) 791-0492
04/07/16 Found on south county road 49 Fadette community.  Husky mix male.  Very friendly and well behaved.  Call 333-6145 or 886-2437
03/31/16 Found in Cloverdale Subd. in Dothan. Please call 714-9255 to identify & claim.
03/10/16 Found on Park Ave., across from PC Petro station...6 mo.old female puppy, blonde. Please call 655-1263 to identify & claim.
03/07/16 Boxer mix, black with white on chest, found in the S. Park Ave, area of Dothan on Sat., March 5th. Please call 798-2350.
03/07/16 This little guy was found Wednesday evening on Glover Ave in Enterprise. I'm trying to find his family. Took him to the Vet and he is not micro chipped. Pleas call Vicky 701-6165

02/23/16 We Found this adorable little girl on February 13.  We found her on Prevatt Rd between Sanitary Dairy and Cowarts Creek Road.  She is very sweet and loves to jump.  She gets along very well with other dogs and children.  I know someone is missing her.  Please contact me if she belongs to you. 

02/22/16 Here is a flyer for two dogs found together last week. Chocolate lab and chihuahua mix. Both very friendly and trained. Had collars but no tags. Please help find their home
02/20/16 Wandering around on Westover Dr. (corne of 231N and Westgate Parkway) on the evening of Febuary 19th, 2016. If you are the parents of this cutie pie, please call 334 635 7740 or 334 805 7321.

Hi. My name is Tabitha. I found a male, mixed breed dog at the Breeze In Mart in Cowarts this afternoon. He is white with black spots and a tan and black face. He is very sweet, gets along with my pets and my kids. He is wearing a green collar. Please call or text me at 334 596 1385. You can also find me on Facebook, Tabitha Peairs or email me at tabbywabbydoo@gmail.com.

02/08/16 These two dogs, one large and one small that look like wolves beautiful and very very sweet were found on Fortner Extension by Brannon Stand Road. They are extremely tired and tears are rolling. Please help get them home. Margo 596-4259
01/28/16 Cocker Spaniel found on 431N near Jimmy's heating and cooling. Wearing a pink collar. Please call Carla at 714-1092 to identify & claim.

Found dog, South side Dothan. Small, black, white, gray terrier. No chip or collar but very friendly. Email e.l.felty@gmail.com

01/22/16 Long-hair Calico kitten found on Northside Dr. in Enterprise. Please call 347-4530 to identify & claim.
01/21/16 Red-nose Pitbull found at Dollar General in Ashford on Thurs., 1/21. Please call David at (334) 479-2784 to identify.
01/17/16 Medium sized female dog, dark face, tan & white wearing a faded red collar. Has been spayed, very friendly. Found on Hwy. 431 between Co. Rd. 32 and 107 at "After Hours Mechanic". Please call Ron at 618-8255 to identify & claim.
01/05/16 Two Labs found-one brown, one black, male & a female (recently spayed) on 84E near Walkers Motel & Porters in Dothan. No collars. Please call 648-2458 or 714-7243 to identify & claim.

Found this male dog with blue harness at the river by the Boy Ccout center on 84W in Dothan.....please help him find his owner. longworth5985@gmail.com

12/28/15 Black lab / lab-pit mix. She was found the evening of December 23 near
Midland City in Dale County.  She is small at around 35 pounds.  Likely
around a year old.  She is just as sweet as they come.  She has an injury on
her back but it is being tended too.  If you know anything about this pretty
pup, let us know. 334.488.3617
12/22/15 Found in the Cloverdale, Massee Dr area of Dothan. Female, possible shepherd mix, approximately 3 1/2-4 months old. Does not appear to be a stray (nails look like they have been trimmed recently), but rib cage & hip bones are protruding slightly. Please contact 334-792-7787 if this is your dog or if you would like to foster her!
11/30/15 This pup has been hanging around the house for about 4 days. On Hwy. 92, east side of Clayhatchee-near the river. Please call Rick at 334-792-1149 to identify & claim.
11/30/15 Found at the Northside Walmart, free to good home if not claimed by owner. I can't keep him much longer please help me find a good home or his owners. Please call 334-547-2707.

A very loveable and playful Border Collie mix (I think) was found 11/16/15 on Cottonwood Rd just outside of Ross Clark Circle. Please call 805-3869 to claim.

11/10/15 Found this morning (11/10) in traffic on Glenwood St. in Dothan. Very large and friendly dog. Maybe 2-3yrs old. He's a golden brown color. Contact Jason @ 334 648 7824 to identify. 
11/02/15 Brown Lab mix, approx. 10 months old, wearing a collar & harness, found at 3rd Ave./Hodgesville Rd. Please call 791-1210 to identify & claim.

Found on Wrinn Lane in Poplar Grove Subdivision, Southside Dothan. No collar-call 618-1014 to identify and claim.


Found at Northside Walmart two days ago, contact me if yours at hdanielle62000@gmail.com.

Danielle Mayo

10/25/15: Found in the Woodlands at Murphy Mill and John D Odom. Email courtneybowersphotography@gmail.com
10/19/15 Found this little white and black pit bull on Murphy Mill Road near Deer Valley subdivision. She is very sweet and timid. Does not get along with my dog. She looks like an outside dog but she went right into the kennel inside the house. Call or text me at 334-790-7673. No collar.
10/15/15 Found sweet female dog, very sweet and loves kids and must be missing her family very much! Watford Rd and Lonnie Rd in Madrid and Cottonwood looks like a chihuahua, brown and white! Very friendly! Long tail! lwrogers59@icloud.com
10/01/15 Found on Market Rd., off of County Rd. 9 in Wicksburg. No collar, but defintely belongs to someone!!!! Follows commands, and is playful with children. Please call 334-790-4533 to identify and claim. Ask for Tori.
09/20/15 Found on 231 near Pinckard, Al. Small male dog. If this is your dog please call 334-983-6658. Will keep for a short while to try to find owner.
09/18/15 Black & white Female Bird dog, found near Westgate Park in Dothan on 9/17. Please call 791-0274 to identify & claim.
09/16/15 Found in the median on 231 S. in Dothan at the Hwy. 109 intersection. May have recently had puppies. Please call Tammy at 596-1110. She has been taken to All Breeds Rescue & Adoption in Daleville.
09/16/15 Hi! We found a sweet little puppy this morning that needs to be reunited
with her owner or needs a home. She is tan with black markings on her face
and weighs about 40 pounds. There is no collar or tags and we aren't sure of
a name. I attached pictures to the email and you can reach me at
(205)937-8064. Thank you for your help and please let me know if you have
any questions!
09/05/15 Found: young female bulldog mix, dark brown brindle, has one blue eye, very friendly. Showed up in the vicinity of Time Warner Cable (Ouida St.) on 3rd of September at night "looking for a mate" (may have eloped from wherever she lives for that reason). If you are (or someone you know is) missing this dog, please contact jhmenterp@yahoo.com or leave a message at (334) 347-1210
09/03/15 Black kitten with gold eyes found on Mill St. in Webb. No collar-please call 405-4561 to identify & claim.
08/31/15 I found this little guy on Ashley circle in Taylor Alabama just of Trawick
rd and s Brannon stand rd. He looks to be a small 6lb chihuahua. He's very
sweet and kind. Please help me find this owner. He's stayed on our door step
for the last two days. I have fed him and given him water to make sure he
stays healthy. You can contact me via email fdusterdieck@gmail.com or by
cell phone 334-618-8336.
08/28/15 This intact male Pyranees mix was found in Headland on CR. 110 near CR. 16 on August 21, 2015.  CALL: 334-693-9097 if you have any information about this dog.
08/26/15 This sweet little girl was found in the Dothan Country Club parking lot
today. If you own her or know who does please call the City of Dothan Animal
Shelter and Adoption Center at 334-615-4620.

White and tan young female found in Wicksburg on Windmill Rd. Very sweet and friendly. Wearing a pink collar but no tags. Please call 334-790-3603.

08/24/15 White, male appears to be lab/pit bull mix. Not very
old. Maybe a year or so. Extremely friendly and very well taken care of. Has
certainly been around a family that has loved him. Welcome to human
interaction and to touch. Found in the Twin Lakes, Fortner St. area of Dothan.

Found wearing a lime green collar with a black patch and a dog paw symbol on the patch. No ID tag on collar. Isn't microchipped. Had him scanned earlier today.

contact person and contact phone number: Ehren Johnson 334-791-2406
08/10/15 Small dog reddish brown, found on Hwy 52 in Slocomb by Family Dollar, no collar. Please call 334-589-0271 if this pup belongs to you.
07/19/15 Large Black dog, tan paws, found in Ozark at Deese/Lowry off Andrews Ave. Wearing black collar & yellow bandana. Please call 334-774-0853 to identify & claim.
07/15/15 Two pups found on Scenic View Dr. in Brentwood approx. 3:30pm on 7/15. Retriever puppy, wearing a red scarf/bandana and black & white speckled medium size dog. Please call Tina at 334-806-5713 to identify & claim.
07/14/15 This friendly female dog was found wandering on Eddins Rd on Tuesday, July 14th.  She weighs around 20lbs, appears to be older and well cared for.  She is wearing a collar but has no tag and is not microchipped.  To claim her, please call 850-276-8020.
07/14/15 Found yesterday about 5pm, off Logan Rd in Ozark.  Very well behaved. kimberpat12@msn.com
07/10/15 Found on Cresent Dr. in Dothan, off 84W, older male Chihuahua, tan/brown, some teeth missing, no collar. Showed up in yard on Wed. 7/8. Please call 648-8467 to identify and claim.

Found:  solid white, Husky breed female dog in the Rehobeth area off of South Park.  She is very friendly and appears to have been an inside dog. She has no markings, collars, tags, etc…  Please contact 797-1606, if this dog belongs to you.

07/06/15 Found wandering around the TC Petro, S. Park/Ross Clark Circle in Dothan. Please call Darrell at 718-6704.
Found in Liberty Park Subdivision with no tags. Appears to be a Poodle mix who has recently been clipped. Please call 334-796-9550.
06/25/15 Male white dog with black spots on his ears and body found on Glenwood St. near Selma Elementary School on 6/23/15. He is very friendly and listens well. He may be an inside dog. No ID on broke collar. He has not barked once since finding him. May be around 1-2 years of age. Such a loving animal!!! Please call (334)618-7018 to identify collar. Thanks, Amy

Found on June 22, 2015 on Scenic View Drive.  Sweet little dog with no collar.  Please call me at 334-793-5775 if this baby is yours or you know who it belongs to.

Thanks, Sherry Buie

06/22/15 Yorkshire Terrier, male, found downtown Dothan after Foster Fest Friday (6/19) night. Please call 435-6346 to identify.
06/22/15 Found on Hwy. 84 in Level Plains on 6/20. Very friendly. Contact info Nick & Shannon Guerra-via Facebook.
06/16/15 Black and white BirdDog found on Westgate Pkwy near 231 in Dothan. No collar. Please call 792-2743 or 718-2591.

Found: Black Lab on Eddins Road/Prevatt Road area of Dothan. Please call 334 796 9049 to identify and claim.


A male Jack Russell Terrier has taken up residence in my yard on E Saunders Rd, Dothan since June 11, 2015. He seems well mannered and appears to have been recently cared for. We hope to return him to his rightful owner. Please call (334)714-5629.

06/11/15 Dark grey Terrier mix found on the Ross Clark Circle, near Cloverdale. Male, wearing a collar-no tags. Please call 596-4307 to identify & claim.

Black female dog. Has just given birth. Found without the puppies in Midland City. 
Call 334-714-8500

06/08/15 Found on Hodgesville Rd. near 3rd Ave. Call Linda at 334-685-1322 to identify & claim.
05/31/15 Pomeranian, male, found on Willie Varnum Rd. in Dothan-no tags. Please call 790-1484 to identify & claim.
05/25/15 Black and gray Poodle mix found on Oakland Dr. in Dothan off Headland Ave. Wearing a bandana-no tags. Please call 334-701-1655.
05/25/15 This little boy was running in and out of traffic at the intersection of Brannon Stand Road and Trawick Road. Looking to reunite him with his owner. Please call 334-701-9201
She looks like she has been taken care of and she isn't real skinny or dirty, so I am hoping someone is looking for their baby.  

She has been wandering around ScreenTech for the last two to three weeks at least.  She has also been seen at the Sonic. Please call Charmon at 792-7010
05/18/15 Male Yorkie found in Springhill area of Eufaula. Wearing a collar. Please call Julie at 334-867-4494 to identify and claim.
05/18/15 Found on Omussee Rd. Wearing a collar. Please call Sandra Ward at 334-797-4935 to identify & claim.

Found dog - on Spring Hill Road off of Hodgesville Rd. Has a custom teal blue collar that says Cade Strickland with 2 cell phone numbers but no voicemail. They can call my cell number, give me the phone numbers on his collar, and I will tell them where I live.


05/15/15 Found at 109 Royal Highlands Lane in Dothan. The road right before Robert Trent Jones golf course. Please call Marilyn at 334-589-9371.

We have had a Chocolate Lab show up at our house in Ashford on Gus Love Rd.  She has no tag and no collar. If you are missing her please let us know. 334-405-4333


Found walking down Fournier Folks Rd. in Webb. I will hold her til we find her owner 334-805-8234

Thanks! Samantha


Found at Polyengineering on the corner of Headland and Murray Rd. in Dothan.

Please call Jeffrie or Dana 793-4700

04/27/15 Female Black lab found in Ozark near Stegall Park. White on chest & paws, wearing a pink & gray collar-no tags. Please call 334-733-2881.
04/26/15 My boyfriend and I came across a little a 5lb Chihuahua, male. He had no tags and was trailing his leash behind him. We found him on the corner of Yellow Leaf Drive and Candlebrook Drive in Enterprise near Rucker Blvd around 8:30pm Friday night. We are unable to take care of him so we have left him with Jane at Jane’s Animal Rescue in Daleville. I am asking that the owner provide proof of ownership; photos, documents, etc. This is because I’ve already had several inquiries from my Craiglist posting of people looking to adopt him. He is very clean and in very good shape, which means someone loves him and will I’m sure be happy to have him back.

Thank you so much!
04/21/15 Found dog. Sunday after the storm in the Garden District at the corner of Montezuma & Newton. Please contact 334-655-2651
04/10/15 Male Schnauzer found near Five Points area in Wicksburg. No collar-please call 334-692-3453 to identify & claim.

Found!! Wandered up to the Terrace at Grove Park on 4/7- male, very friendly, please call 792-7349 and/or 796-6357. Thank you!

Lindsay Morgan

04/02/15 Found in Level Plains at the Inland station-black shorthair female cat. Wearing a collar with ribbon. Please call Marcus at 334-390-9359.
03/27/15 Found last night (3/26/15), female Chihuahua, no collar. On Co, Rd. 4 in Hartford, near the Florida line. Please call 334-588-0417 to identify & claim.
Found dog...Small white & black male. Wearing a collar, no tags, on Coot Fowler Road, Dothan. Please call 334-702-6505 to identify and claim.
03/06/15 Found on Beverlye Rd. in Dothan, near the RR tracks between 84 & 52E. Wearing a striped collar-no tags. Please call 797-6259.

FOUND (2) white Poodle mix dogs at the corner of Fortner Street and Honeysuckle Road on Friday night 2/27/15. Please call 793-6384 if these are your pets.


A very sweet black and white male bulldog was found in the garden district of Dothan on Houston Street on Sunday 2/8/2015…he is wearing a harness and collar.  If this is your baby, please call Richard at 446-1133 to identify.

02/05/15 Help this little fellow find his home. Please share. Found near S-side Sonic in Dothan last night. Please call 334-596-7460 if you know who's baby this is
02/03/15 Found Monday, 2/2 in the Rehobeth area-two Hound mixes approx. 1-2 years old. One is black w/tan on face, the other is black & tan. Very friendly dogs, no collars. Please call 701-9996 to identify & claim.
02/03/15 We found a dog roaming the area of Rocky Head Rd and Turtleback Subdivision on Friday, 1/30.  Young intact male, blonde with white on nose, both front paws, chest and a small amount on his head.  Has on a fairly new collar, red with strip design and black latch.   He is really sweet and I’m sure his family is missing him.  My contact info is 334-494-3697. 

We found this dog on Murphy Mill Rd. Near 231.  Please call 671-1990 if he belongs to you!


01/08/15 Found at Eddins and Prevatt. Male. Not neutered. Very friendly. pamelawing2173@icloud.com
01/06/15 Found male brown Chihuahua with silver collar with rhinestones and no tag on county road 133 in Abbeville on Sunday night 1/4/2015.  Please call 334-696-2320 to claim.
01/05/15 Male Yellow Lab found near Flynn Equipment in Dothan (eastside, down from nside Kmart). Very friendly, wearing a brown leather collar-no tags.

Medium sized black dog with white snout and paws.  Showed up on doorstep Sunday afternoon 1/4/15 on County Rd. 15 (Douglas RD.) in Headland.  Contact lowry@actionserv.com for any more info.


We saw this dog around Home Depot Friday morning (12/26) around 8am. It was skittish and wouldn't come to us but we managed to get a pic. Wearing a red collar and rabies tag so we know it's someone's baby. Wanted to share and hope to find it's owner. 

12/18/14 Male German Shepherd found on 231 N. in Midland City near Covan. Wearing a collar-no tags. Please call 334-744-1373 to identify and claim.  
12/15/14 Found on Lena St./Crawford St. area of Dothan, Jack Russell (?) dog, collar/no tags, and a white & brown Cocker/Lab mix, no collar. Please call Denise at 792-4340.  
12/15/14 Found at Highlands Antique Mall on 84W, brown & black puppy, looks like a little Doberman. Wearing a collar-no tags. Please call 477-7964 to identify & claim.  
12/15/14 Found in the Dothan Pavillion Shopping Center, near Kohl's. She is wearing a yellow collar-please call Michelle at 334-648-7878.
FOUND...very nice and friendly female dog. This dog has been wandering around the Cloverdale area in South Dothan for several days. I have contained it in my back yard for now. This young dog is very pretty and friendly and is obviously lost. It is wearing a black collar with no ID on it. If this is your dog, or if you know this dog, or if you want this dog, call me at 334-678-6708. I live at 409 Massee Dr. on the South side of Dothan. It is the street behind the Pizza Hut on the Southside. Call anytime, if no answer, leave a message. 
12/08/14 Found 12/8 on Sweetie Smith Rd. in Cottonwood-please call David at 797-6705 to identify & claim.
12/04/14 FOUND on county rd 49 (upper bay springs rd) a brown in color dog may be a bull dog, lab mix with a white belly, nose and paws has a brown cloth collar with a black  training device attached to it (might be a invisible fence collar). This dog is very friendly and does know commands he is someones pet that lost his way and is wanting his owner, he was with a white dog earlier but went on and this one stayed and made a home in my barn. call or text (334) 714-8471
12/02/14 Found 12/2 in Beacon Place Subdv., off of Flowers Chapel Rd. Wearing a collar-no tags. Please call 334-796-0401 to identify and claim.
12/02/14 Found 11/30 on Jones Rd. in the Wicksburg/Newton area. Please call 334-333-1968.
12/01/14 Found Thanksgiving weekend...female brindle puppy in the Bay Springs area. Please call 850-628-4464 to identify & claim.  
11/30/14 Male lab mix found in the Cloverdale area of Dothan. Brown with a white face, very friendly medium size, wearing a black collar-no tags.. Please call 446-9223.  
11/30/14 Found on Bruner Road off of South Park. She has a black collar but no tag. Very sweet. Need to find owners or a home. Call 3347982100 if she is your dog or if you would like to take her into your home. She has been great with our dogs, cat and son.
11/17/14 Found near George Rd./Harper Joy Rd. in Dothan-a golden color dog, wearing a brown collar, no tags. Please call 677-7032 to identify & claim.  
11/14/14 We have a black boxer/pit mix that showed up at our house this past Sunday night. He is a very friendly dog and is wearing a color but no tag. He was found off of Co Rd 33 (Hodgesville) between Willie Varnum Rd and Nobles Rd. Contact Rita Babb at 677-3334.  
11/04/14 This female bobtail cat just showed up on Sunday Nov. 2. (Old Headland Hwy. Near Botanical Garden's). She has been spayed, is very friendly, appears to be an inside cat that loves attention and obviously has been around small inside dogs. I know absolutely nothing about cats and to be quite honest they just creep me out!  However.....because she is so friendly and has obviously been shown lots of love/attention I would really like to see her reunited with her family! PLEASE call 334-798-1838
10/27/14 Male Terrier mix, grayish in color, wearing a collar. Found in the 3rd Ave. area near Hodgesville. Please call 791-1210 to identify & claim.  
10/27/14 Call (334) 692-3928....Found this female dog, about 9 months old and very friendly, but timid. We
found her on Sandbed Rd. and Hwy. 92 between Wicksburg and Level Plains.
10/23/14 Spotted on County Rd. 68, very large longhaired dog, white with brown spots-wearing a collar with tags. Please call 648-0511.  
10/23/14 Found in Highlands-red female hound dog, about 4 yrs. old. No tags, no microchip. Call 334-678-6253 to identify and claim. Thanks, Becky.

Female Schnauzer mix grey/charcoal color, was found up at the corner of Cherokee St and Oak Drive in the Garden District area of Dothan. Very sweet dog, just scared and wants to go back home. Call us @ 334.791.1431


Found: Young kitten, approximately 6-7 weeks old in a back alley near restaurant dumpsters on Reynolds Street, Downtown Ozark, AL on 10-14-14 after the big rain storm. Very sweet tabby mix(?) with unique markings. No collar. Will be checked for micro-chip at Veterinary Clinic tomorrow. She appears to have a little sinus cold right now.

If you think she/he is yours, contact: Jill @334-432-6004

10/08/14 Found on Hwy. 27 between Enterprise & Geneva this week-a male Pug, no collar. Please call 806-8183 to identify & claim.  
09/24/14 Great Dane found on Willie Varnum Rd. Black with a white patch-no collar. Please call 350-6704.  
09/15/14 Found Black and White Female Dog with a skin condition at Brackin Appliance on the Circle next to Fortner in Dothan. She is a sweet girl and I didn't want her to get run over trying to cross The Circle so she is now been taken to The Dothan Animal Shelter.
09/08/14 Long haired Chihuahua found off Trawick Rd. & Brannon Stand in Dothan. Brown and black..please call 701-7634 to identify & claim.  

Sweet female with pink plaid collar, underweight but otherwise healthy.  Walked into our yard right behind Goldfingers off of US 84 West in Dothan on Saturday Sept. 6, 2014.  Call Kerry if you have any info (912) 414-1073.

09/03/14 Blue & yellow Macaw found on Co. Rd. 68 near Trawick Rd.. Call 334-685-4188 to identify & claim.  
09/03/14 Found on 231 South in Madrid area. Wearing a collar-no tags. Please call 334-200-1269.
08/25/14 This dog as been staying in a corner of my Dad's house for the past 2 days. She is Brown and White. Big pointy ears. Crooked teeth. She has an old Red collar on her. The house is 718 N County Rd 33 a Ashford Al. She has been staying in the corner of the front stairs. Hope someone claims her. Thank you. My number is 334-714-7176
08/21/14 White male Poodle, no collar, found on Judge Logue Rd. in Wicksburg. Please call 200-3396 to identify & claim.